Note (20MAR2023): “Neither a borrower nor a lender be, For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.” -from Hamlet by William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Although offered by a pompous, despicable character, Polonius, the oft-quoted saying has persisted more than 400-years. Clearly, it does not apply to banks; but, certainly, it applies to government albeit only to an extent. A case can be made for borrowing for production but not for consumption. These United States have done the latter, and the banking crisis of the past week offers bold testimony to the consequences. No, two or three, regional banks will not destroy the American economy. The American economy and the arrogant, ignorant, power-hungry, morally bankrupt dim-wits who control the economy will destroy the banks.

“An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy.” -Daniel Webster (1819)

     Despite the President’s reässurances of limited threat, in fact, the “religion of peace” had struck another successful, violent blow against the “Great Satan” and had taken another step towards occupying France. The exodus of French Jews exploded with the blast.
The only observable consequence in these United States, however, was the stricken nation — already in astronomical debt — borrowing even more, ostensibly to defend itself. Defend itself? How? By continuing to monitor, even more intrusively and expensively, its own citizens at home and abroad, the Constitution be damned, as well as monitoring all foreigners visiting legally. Surrounded by somber-faced sycophants, the President signed an Executive Order to that effect.
     It was the kind of response for which the attackers had hoped. Their long-term goal was eventually to have bankrupted an enemy already economically crippled by self-inflicted debt — an enemy whom they viewed as morally corrupt, a viewpoint with which more than a few Americans were beginning to agree. -excerpt from the semi-fictional novel, Retribution Fever

The end of the American dream and of American preëminence will come with the demise of the American dollar as the internationally accepted, reserve currency; potentially augmented by the sinking of our fleet in the Western Pacific by the Chinese. The end of the dream already has begun with our having brought our economic behavior under the control of antecedents not consequences (as we just did with SVB, etc.). For an explanation, see the novel, Inescapable Consequences.


Three Furies strike these United States and the rest of the world. The first? Worldwide plague; already occurred and continuing with the ending unpredictable. The second? International terrorism; already occurred with bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline. The third? Global economic collapse; occurring now heralded by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank? So begins the novel, Retribution Fever (2018). Notice that the book appeared before any of the three Furies.

In response to current events, we are witnessing a flood of mainly non-fictional books complaining about one thing or another. Some authored or ghost-written by celebrities on television. Many complaints. Few solutions. None offering comprehensive, scientifically-based solutions.

In repairing the ruin that this fragmenting, declining nation on fire is suffering, for a book to be of truly universal value, it must address all four cornerstones of society; namely, government, law, education, and medical delivery. Few do. Retribution Fever does.

For a book to be of such universal value, it must be scientifically-based and scientifically-driven. Scientifically-based means that the analyses described and the solutions offered are based upon sound scientific principles incorporating the Scientific Method with its three guidelines of specificity, objectivity, and accountability. The particular science is Biobehavioral Science.

specificity n.: Defining events in a way that differentiates those events from other events that may be similar but not identical.
objectivity n.: Referring to events that are observable and measurable either directly or indirectly; and
accountability n.: Observing and measuring events in a way that is verifiable and can be made public.

[Optional Note: Measurement is a fundamental element in Biobehavioral Science. As such, it is consonant with the cosmic character of Nature, expressed in Physical Science by the Copenhagen Interpretation in Quantum Physics. The Copenhagen Interpretation states the following: It is nonsensical to discuss entities that cannot be measured.]

Adhering to these guidelines offers the most powerful protection against evildoers whatever their stripes. Deviating from these guidelines allows evildoers to wreak their havoc upon the rest of humanity and often upon themselves.
Heretofore, the three, simple guidelines have been an anathema to most politicians, bureaucrats, and lawyers in these United States and throughout the rest of the world. It need not be so — neither here nor abroad. -excerpt from the novel, Retribution Fever

Scientifically-driven means that the solutions offered are amenable to change as a function of measurements for accountability. Such changes must be based upon sound scientific principles incorporating the Scientific Method with the same, three guidelines of specificity, objectivity, and accountability. Few books meet such standards. Retribution Fever does.

In addition, Retribution Fever tells a story filled with facts and a detailed blueprint for repairing the ruin. The following is the Table of Contents:


Chapter One: Transformation
Chapter Two: The Enemy
Chapter Three: Perspective

Chapter Four: Prelude To The First
Chapter Five: Prelude To The Second
Chapter Six: Prelude To The Third

Chapter Seven: Founding Of A Nation
Chapter Eight: Rise and Fall
Chapter Nine: Two Documents
Chapter Ten: The Vision

Chapter Eleven: Return To Reality
Chapter Twelve: Prelude To Disaster
Chapter Thirteen: The First Fury
Chapter Fourteen: Mental Anguish
Chapter Fifteen: The Second Fury
Chapter Sixteen: The Meeting
Chapter Seventeen: The Third Fury

Chapter Eighteen: Aftermath
Chapter Nineteen: The Book
Chapter Twenty: A Lost Soul
Chapter Twenty-One: Prelude To Rebellion
Chapter Twenty-Two: Of Human Purpose and Meaning
Chapter Twenty-Three: Rebellion
Chapter Twenty-Four: Beginning The Resurrection
Chapter Twenty-Five: Continuing The Resurrection

Chapter Twenty-Six: Questions and Answers
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Troublesome Servant — Fearful Master
I. Deceit
II. Censorship
III. Voting
IV. The Economy
V. The Military
VI. Illegal Immigration
VII. Legal Immigration
VIII. Association
IX. Federal Employment
X. Election of Senators
XI. District of Columbia
XI. Financing Campaigns
XIII. Unconstitutional Laws & Orders
XIV. Federal Judges
XV. Taxation
XVI. Welfarism
XVII. Federal Debt
XVIII. Marriage
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Swallowing Camels
Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Failing Grade
Chapter Thirty: To Live And Let Live
Chapter Thirty-One: Address To The Nation

Article I. Legislative Branch
Article II. Executive Branch
Article III. Judicial Branch
Article IV. National Capital
Article V. Coinage and Debt
Article VI. The States
Article VII. Amendments
Article VIII. Supremacy
Article IX. Five Freedoms
Article X. Right to Bear Arms
Article XI. Quartering Military
Article XII. Security and Privacy
Article XIII. Due Process
Article XIV. Criminal Procedure
Article XV. Civil Procedure
Article XVI. Imprisonment and Commitment
Article XVII. Civil Rights
Article XVIII. States-Rights
Article XIX. Involuntary Servitude
Article XX. Citizenship
Article XXI. Voting Districts
Article XXII. Voting Eligibility
Article XXIII. Federal Employment
Article XXIV. Political Contributions
Article XXV. Taxation
Article XXVI. Foreign Trade
Article XXVII. Domestic Trade and Subsidies
Article XXVIII. Monopolies
Article XXIX. Marriage
Article XXX. Education
Article XXXI. Medical Care
Article XXXII. Ratification

Chapter Thirty-Two: Living And Dying
Chapter Thirty-Three: The Human Spirit


Importantly, Retribution Fever accurately predicted the ruin that we face today; for example, the government in power represented the worst aspects of The Left. More importantly, it reflected the threat to human existence here and abroad both biological and nuclear. Most importantly, it presented solutions free from our current, corrupt political parties and from abstract ideologies divorced from reality.

No interest in Biobehavioral Science? Our foremost adversary, the Chinese, have an avid interest. They overtly employ it for 1.4-billion people with goal-fulfilling consequences. We Americans employ it covertly via gambling casinos, social media, video-games, etc., with devastating consequences. They are winning. We are losing.

Yes, in a given context behavior has its consequences. Context and consequences. Two forces that control behavior. Still no interest? Remember, the height of arrogance is exceeded only by the depth of ignorance. Arrogance and ignorance have led us to the bank of the River Styx and into its black waters toward a nether world from which few great nations ever return.

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” -Galatians VI:7

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