Note (23MAY2022): Last week on Fox News, former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D; HI) characterized the arrogant, ignorant nitwits in Congress — both Democrats and Republicans — as “lunatics” for promoting war with Russia. In doing so, she echoed that of which this commentator has warned since the first American response to the Russian incursion into Ukraine. As has this commentator, Miss Gabbard spoke of creeping towards a nuclear Armageddon.

In 1940, FDR had promised during campaigning for an unprecedented third term as President that no American boots would touch foreign soil. In 2022, President Biden promised no American boots would touch Ukrainian soil. Both lied. Now, Biden has reöpened the American embassy in Kiev and is sending American troops allegedly to guard it.

A nuclear war with Russia would extinguish all human life on Earth as well as all aerobic, terrestrial life from lack of oxygen consumed in global firestorms. View the pictures from Dresden during the firestorm there as a result of Allied bombing strictly for revenge. Rational patriots here must stop the current, insane behavior of the “lunatics” in Congress and the greedy profiteers in our military-industrial complex by whatever means necessary — and soon.


“I looked, and there before me was a pale horse!
Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.” -Revelation 6:8

Our relatively recent species is in a race to determine which event will cause its mass extinction as described in this commentator’s five-starred novel of 2018, Retribution Fever, that begins with three Furies; namely, global plague; worldwide, economic collapse; and international terrorism. Currently, it appears that there are the following, two, principle contenders to unleash Armageddon:

1) Nuclear war.
“The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking; and we, thus, drift toward unparalleled catastrophe.” -Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

2) Plague likely viral.
“The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the virus.” -Joshua Lederberg, PhD (1925-2008)

Nuclear War
Most Americans appear oblivious that the world stands at the precipice of total extinction of all terrestrial, aerobic life on Earth. Instead, they have become obsessed at the moment with the relatively trivial issue of abortion and fascinated by the divorce of a popular, cinematic thespian. When a nuclear device is about to explode above their heads bearing the note “Greetings From Russia!”, however, they will not be obsessing about abortion or so-called celebrities.

The arrogant, ignorant, power-hungry nitwits whom Americans allowed to be elected to the District of Corruption seem unaware of the potential consequences of their sanctions and embargoes, let alone delivery of military information and weapons to Ukraine. These nitwits intentionally are forcing President Putin or his possible near-successor into a corner from which no one can predict the ultimate consequence. How did we American citizens put ourselves into such a lethal predicament?

Beginning at the turn of the 20th-century with the rise of the so-called Progressives, these United States have been on a collision-course with destiny. In the past, only our size, our resources, two oceans, the British Navy, and the folly of our enemies deterred destiny. Now, destiny descends upon us like a drop-hammer.

“When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.” -William Shakespeare, Hamlet

We Americans now face a series of sorrows mostly of our own making. The Ukrainian crisis, for example, represents the ultimate consequence of the Albright Doctrine of 1994 as explained on this website.

So, how to end that crisis? We stop sending weapons to Ukraine. We demand that the dictator, Zelenskyy, fulfill his campaigning promise of more cordial relations with Russia by proclaiming neutrality; agreeing that Crimea belongs to Russia as it had since the 19th-century; allowing the two, small, Russian regions of Ukraine to proclaim autonomy; and forswearing alliance with the EU and NATO.

Shall we? Not if we continue to allow the profiteers in our military-industrial complex to prevail. Not if the majority of Americans continue to swallow the swill of propaganda promoted by evil war-mongers and their hand-maidens in the Media.

As expected, however, we are doing the opposite. At the behest of that military-industrial complex, we are goading Russia into a shooting war that easily could escalate into strategic nuclear warfare. Consequence? Total catastrophe! Well deserved?

“Every nation has the government for which it is fit.” -Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821)

So, how do we stop these maniacs from completing their suicidal mission? By any means necessary. Shall we? Unlikely, Having become a maternalistic matriarchy, we have emasculated our men and become a weak, passive, and dependent group of whiners and complainers beseeching for relief the same miscreants who are engineering the coming Armageddon. Our hormone-driven young, who will become the foremost victims care more about sex than survival. Meanwhile, China may be laughing at us but likely is wondering with justified trepidation how far we are going to pursue this madness.

By some miracle should sanity prevail, what would follow? It is a question worthy of a scientific answer as described in detail in Retribution Fever not a political one.


With plague, the issue is vastly more complicated. Nuclear Armageddon is a consequence totally of human behavior. Plague not so.

As described by Almagro-Moreno in the most recent American Scientist, Nature itself provides for continual mutations with previously innocuous microörganisms becoming deadly pathogens. We humans are accelerating the process and suffering the consequences; e.g., CoViD-19 having killed an estimated 15-million globally.

Like with nuclear war, our present generation is shifting blame onto others and the financial burden onto future generations. Time-honored dishonor.

“To relieve the present exigency is always the object which principally interests those immediately concerned in the administration of public affairs. The future liberation of public revenue they leave to the care of posterity.” -Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations (1776)

These United States are in an escape-paradigm from the sorrows that we ourselves created. Despite the deaths and suffering, in reality, CoViD-19 is a puny plague by historical standards. Instead of bearing the financial brunt of our man-made misfortune ourselves, we are trying to pass the pain onto succeeding generations. Our children and grandchildren, should there be any, rightly will curse us for our malevolence. Heroes we are not. Cowardly sheeple we are; sheeple who counter-productively bus our own tables in private restaurants, leaving our schmutz on the tabletop for the next patron, symbolic of the current American zeitgeist.

Without political intervention, the current plague likely would have run its course then retreated. In its wake, it would have left a trail of dead — mainly the elderly and those with severe medical conditions, both of whom were bankrupting the country before the plague.

Self-appointed, so-called humanitarians would have screamed, “Murderers! Nazis!”

Instead, we forfeited the financial futures of the young and healthy to keep alive those for most of whom death would have been a blessing. In doing so, we prompted the Wuhan-virus mutating, and mutate it has. Now, we are facing the possibility of that which microbiologists have predicted for some years in the form of “Disease X” with its mass extinction of the human species.

Humanitarianism? What is it?

humanitarianism n.: Concern for human welfare. –Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

A definition reflecting a noble sentiment, indeed. The question arises, however, What form does that “concern” take operationally in terms of actual behavior?

“Humanitarianism” has become a self-righteous obscenity camouflaging a multitude of sins, and “social justice” has become anything but. Rather than promoting the greatest good for substantially the greatest number, they degenerated into sacrificing the whole in order to serve a part, often an undeserving part; even a minuscule, undeserving part.

Humanitarianism notwithstanding, wishing doesn’t make it so. Recently, the nation had been talking about a post-Omicron boom. Now, we are talking about a post-Omicron crash. Whatever the case, the virus is still current with new variants emerging continually. Wishing will not change the fact that pathogens don’t mutate always to a more benign form. Has “citrus greening” (Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus) mutated to a more benign form? No! It continues to devastate citrus trees with no cure in sight after years of searching for a remedy.

So, stop the wishful thinking! As noted in a study cited in Retribution Fever, people will choose pleasant lies that they know are lies over unpleasant truths that they know are truths. Face reality. A nation that rejects reality dooms itself to a dismal destiny.

Given current trends, the unpleasant truth is that we humans are headed towards “Disease X” with a mass human extinction from our own creation, an extinction long predicted by microbiologists. Blame Fauci and his Chinese colleagues? Yes, but primarily blame yourself. Blame notwithstanding, perhaps the trend will detour towards a more benign course. We can hope.

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never is, but always To be Blest.” -Alexander Pope (1688-1744)

Should our hopes prevail, and we survive, what shall we have learned by looking at the history of this plague. Probably nothing.

“The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.” -Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831)

People find politics more entertaining than science. Americans value entertainment more highly than education.

“‘Tis True: ‘Tis True ’tis Pity, and Pity ’tis ’tis True.” -from Hamlet

The truth is that there is a dear cost to such inane priorities. In this case, the cost well may be life itself. A pity in that humans are the best of the best as well as the worst of the worst. Being the best of the best, our extinction will be a sad loss, indeed, to the universe; at least, in terms of its self-recognition. The human brain is the only lump of matter of which we know that recognizes its own existence. We are the means by which the universe recognizes itself and, thereby, learns about itself. Our species has cosmic purpose. Individuals have cosmic meaning.

Conclusion? Pursue politics and perish. Embrace science and survive. Retribution Fever provides a detailed blueprint for each of us to become all that he is capable of being in this nation resurrected. Your choice. Your fate.

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