“I looked, and there before me was a pale horse!
Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.” -Revelation 6:8

Now, it’s official! The Chinese coronavirus [(2019)nCoV now re-named COVID-19] is becoming a pandemic that already has struck these United States of America. The CDC warns that it likely will be “bad”.

The warning elicits anxiety. When those who still remain healthy witness others suffering and dying, it will elicit raw fear.

Meanwhile, the CDC advises us Americans to prepare ourselves. Prepare? How?

Vaccine? None.

Medication? None although chloroquine may be of some value.

Facial masks? The CDC advises against them unless ill.

Quarantines? Already ineffective in terms of global spread.

Prayer? Always available.

To date, the experts know relatively little about the virus. They know that it is a β-coronavirus related to MERS and SARS but less virulent although more contagious.

Whence came it? Supposedly, unknown. Some say from a Chinese laboratory for biologic warfare after being stolen from a laboratory in Canada.

Residua? Unknown.

Sequelae? Unknown.

Short-term prognosis? Seemingly relatively benign for most victims.

Long-term prognosis? Unknown.

Economic effects? Count on the government to make the wrong moves, at least long term; e.g., imposing ineffective quarantines while lowering already absurdly low interest-rates to perhaps below zero and further releasing a flood of fiat-currency. Such actions serve as a bad omen for the future economically, politically, and socially. Lowering interest rates, for example, may raise the stock-market momentarily, but it will not stop the virus from wreaking whatever havoc it will wreak upon the fundamentals of society. The first rule? Do no harm!

Given no meaningful preparation other than prayer, operationally we only can limit to the extent practicable the virus to running its course while we consider the aftermath. What shall we have learned? How shall our future behavior differ from our past behavior if at all?

The novel, Retribution Fever (2018), describes a lethal worldwide plague similar to that which appears to be the case with COVID-19 but more virulent. The novel reflects microbiologists’ prediction of such a plague currently known as “Disease X” that will cause a human mass-extinction. Could COVID-19 mutate into “Disease X”? Possibly but unlikely.

The novel focuses upon the aftermath. Using the Constitution as the foundation, it offers a detailed blueprint for scientific reform of the entire system including all four, secular cornerstones; namely, government, law, education, and medical delivery (“healthcare”). After all, the problem is more the system and less the people in it. The blueprint offered promotes individual liberty with individual responsibility while reflecting traditional American ideals and values characterized by moderation, prudence, and charity.

COVID-19 is providing a warning and an opportunity. It is warning of a dire future brought down upon us as a consequence of our own reckless, irresponsible behavior based upon personal opinions reflecting arrogant ignorance and abstract ideologies divorced from reality. It is providing the opportunity to rectify our ways before an even darker cloud of death descends upon humanity.

Let us not leave the current system of corruption and deceit unreformed. The choice is ours. Best not squander the opportunity by leaving it to power-hungry, self-aggrandizing politicians and self-serving, semi-competent bureaucrats. Science and survive. Politics and perish.

“Prepare yourselves!” the CDC advises us. We can. How? By preparing today for tomorrow.

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