Note (20MAY2024): As stated below, Joe Biden is an evil man. He is evil because he is corrupt, deceitful, and treasonous; e.g., repeatedly claiming that the rate of inflation was more than 9% when he took office when actually it was <2%. Those who excuse his malevolence attribute it to his age and senility. Probably, partially true. Those two factors only magnify that which was there before.

A majority of the electorate put Biden into the White House. For his policies, they have no one to blame but themselves. Yet, they likely will vote for him again in 2024 and likely keep him in office much to the detriment of these United States.

As many Americans know, Biden is a puppet. The puppeteers pulling his strings are Obama and his cabal, essentially a gang of incompetent, anti-American, anti-Israeli parasites.

Through a feeble-minded Biden, they can micro-manage the Israeli-Hamas War. Through extortion, they can try to force Israel to do their bidding. To some extent, they can be successful.

The Mohammedans (Muslims) in the country represent that which they themselves call the “Silent Invasion”. Their number now has become sufficient to sway American foreign policy.

Upon their return from slaughtering Israeli civilians, the Gazans welcomed the terrorists with cheers and parades. The Gazans are not “innocent civilians”. They elected Hamas to govern them.

No Arabic nation wants the so-called Palestinians although they cry crocodile tears for them. Jordan once took them in then threw them out. Today, Egypt refuses to give them refuge. Yet, Biden warns us that he will bring them into these United States to be your neighbors.

A majority of Americans have voted in these scoundrels. We can vote them out. Behavior has its consequences.


Two, disparate groups have allied operationally to defeat Israel. One is the Biden/Obama cabal in these United States. The other is the sob-sisters in Israel.

Joe Biden is an evil man. He is evil because he is corrupt, deceitful, and treasonous. Demented, he is a puppet on strings pulled by Obama and his anti-Israeli acolytes sequestered in the White House and elsewhere. With friends like Biden, one needs no enemies. He confirms Henry Kissinger’s quip that to be an enemy of these United States is dangerous, whereas, to be a friend is fatal.

Should Israelis follow the path pursued by us Americans of failing to win wars; in this case, with Hamas surviving and regaining control of Gaza? Behavior has its consequences. What would be the consequence for the Middle East? Where would such an outcome leave these United States with regard to its standing in the Middle East and the rest of the world?

What’s the difference between a politician and a statesman? A politician worries about the next election. A statesman worries about the next generation. Biden’s puppeteer, Obama, hates Israel and Jews even though Jews of The Left self-destructively put him into power. Obama hates America. Obama hates Euro-Caucasians. Through Biden, as Biden himself stated publicly, Obama’s plan is to have destroyed “White America”. Accordingly, Biden would sacrifice Israel to gain Mohammedan (Muslim) votes even though Mohammedans hate “infidels” such as Christians like him.

“Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that God is with the righteous.” -The Recital (The Koran), Repentance 9:123

Meanwhile, American Euro-Caucasians leaning towards The Left gleefully celebrate the loss of their territory, resources, and biology. They happily will vote for the re-election of Biden and the death of America.

In Israel, thousands of Jewish sob-sisters demonstrate for the death of Israel. They clamor for young Israeli soldiers to sacrifice their own lives in order to rescue old “bubies” and even corpses. A cease-fire at any price. Operationally, these sob-sisters are even more evil than Biden. They are more evil because they would kill their own young and healthy to save the old and sick.

One would think that the antics of these sob-sisters would elicit shame in other Jews, shame to be theologically a part of such a group. Their behavior is reminiscent of European Jews under the Nazis. Jews who never effectively resisted Hitler’s maniacal homicide except once in 1943 bravely in Warsaw; otherwise, most of them allowed themselves to be led like sheep to the slaughter.

After the war with revelation of the Nazis’ atrocities, how did learning of their true nature and the passivity of millions of Jews affect Jewish children in America? Did it make them feel proud of their murdered kindred? Did it make them feel ashamed to be Jewish? Did some actually identify with the Germans, which Sigmund Freud called “identification with the aggressor”? When young, American Jews today hear the bleating of the Israeli sob-sisters, how do those demands make them feel?

Fortunately for Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu is not bending to the sob-sisters’ bleating. Young Israelis in the military are acting like lions not sheep. Meanwhile, Biden is bending to the demands of the Mohammedans invading America as part of that which they themselves refer to as their “Silent Invasion”. Through their passivity, American Christians are imitating the behavior of European Jews before them.

For those who might regard this posting as “hate-speech”, read the Mohammedans’ bible, the Koran, before you pass judgement. Remember the current plight of the Coptic Christians in Egypt. Recall the following words of President Theodore Roosevelt:

“Wherever the Mohammedans have had complete sway, wherever the Christians have been unable to resist them by the sword, Christianity has ultimately disappeared.”

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