Note (20DEC2021): As addressed in the posting below, the current, perverted concept of humanitarianism reflects the devolution of these United States from paternalistic patriarchy to maternalistic matriarchy. Meanwhile, under President Xi the Chinese officially are promoting masculinity as the cultural norm. Doing so is one element of Mr. Xi’s reforming China, but reforming it towards what? Will his now ill-defined concept for China promote Chinese power, prestige, and prosperity or demote them? Coming to this site is a discussion of that question from a novel perspective unavailable elsewhere — the Biobehavioral.


“Am I my brother’s keeper?” -Genesis 4:9

To what extent am I responsible for saving you from the consequences of your own behavior? Not at all? Completely? Partially? If responsible to any extent, who enforces that responsibility? The federal government. How? Via taxes.

Tornadoes sweep across perennially tornado-struck states. This commentator lived in Kansas. Every spring, the sirens continually blared warnings of tornadoes. Heeding them all would have meant spending you life in a cellar. Living in the tornado-belt means accepting the known risk.

Hurricanes sweep perennially into Florida and the Gulf-states. Every summer, warning of potential hurricanes filled the so-called news. What to do? Flee the State with each warning. The “snow-birds” do each summer. Living in the hurricane-belt means accepting the known risk.

Every day thousands of earthquakes strike California, most unfelt. Periodically comes a big one. Ironically, some day the biggest will come in the Tennessee Valley, causing the East Side in Manhattan to sink into the East River. Living in earthquake-land means accepting the known risk.

For most of its history, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc. were the problems of those afflicted. Paternal patriarchy demanded it be so. Individuals were responsible for their own behaviors and the consequences thereof. Why should a farmer in Nebraska become responsible for reïmbursing a Floridian who chose to live in a flood-plain along the Floridian coast? Voluntary donations freely decided? Yes. Individualism. Involuntary donations imposed by politicians? No! Collectivism.

These United States have devolved in a maternalistic matriarchy in which someone else must pay for the unfavorable consequences of your behavior. It’s only “humanitarian”, isn’t it? No, it isn’t. It’s national suicide. During the entire history of mankind, there never has been a successful matriarchal society of importance. These United States are proving why.

humanitarianism n.: Concern for human welfare. –Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

A definition reflecting a noble sentiment, indeed. The question arises, however, What form does that “concern” take in terms of actual behavior?

Unfortunately by the time Retribution struck, “humanitarianism” had become a self-righteous obscenity camouflaging a multitude of sins. It had become anything but. Rather than promoting the greatest good for substantially the greatest number, it degenerated into sacrificing the whole in order to serve a part, often an undeserving part; even a minuscule, undeserving part. -from the novel, Retribution Fever

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