Note (11OCT2021): A Jewish irony sits at the pinnacle of American law enforcement. In his abuse of language, Merrick Garland would occasion Josef Goebbels, the Nazis’ Minister of Propaganda, to say, “Du hast gut von mir gelernt, Jude.” Yes, Garland has learnt well from his Nazi-crazed predecessor.

“Domestic terrorist” is a label that the Nazi-like, Jewish tyrant, Garland, now is pinning onto parents who speak angrily against other tyrants on school-boards whom parents themselves elected. Is not life filled with ironies? Garland threatens to have them arrested for the alleged crime of threatening local elected officials, which would seem to be an allegation better enforced at the level of local government than federal. His threats serve as a model for the evil to come.

Jurisdiction notwithstanding, what were these alleged threats warranting arrest? Largely unspecified other than parents’ protecting their children from anti-scientific mandates related to the Wuhan-virus.

Like Goebbels, Garland is using speech to squelch speech. He does so in violation of the U.S. Constitution, which he swore to protect not slaughter in the gas-chamber of his lethal halitosis.

Keeping Garland from a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court was one of the few occasions that we should feel gratitude to the Republicans in the Senate. Thank you, Senator McConnell.


Note (04OCT2021): As noted in the posting following, miscreants often abuse language to fulfill malevolent goals. Big Government is a prime offender exemplified when our maternalistic matriarchal masters claim to protect children and the “vulnerable”. When you hear that phony claim, be forewarned. It usually portends some sort of power-grab by those favoring socialistic Fascism.


The worst enemy can be the enemy within, especially when well camouflaged; that which Spaniard leader, Francisco Franco (1892-1975), called a “Fifth Column”. Such is the case currently in these United States of America.

With the American titular head now a demented, corrupt, traitorous, career politician, the nation is plunging into a pit of tyranny best labelled “socialistic Fascism”. Had Harris or Biden the charisma of Hitler, the situation could be worse, one might suppose. Yet, behind the scene pulling the strings of these two puppets are smart, wealthy, powerful, but misguided people whose goal is to have destroyed the vision of our Founding Fathers and shattered traditional American ideals and values — sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly; sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally; sometimes explicitly and sometimes implicitly.

Although enemies within, Biden’s malevolent cabal is not the enemy within to whom this posting refers. No, the referent here is, in some ways, more stealthy and dangerous. Who is this enemy within? The group that claims to represent and promote traditional, American values but that, in practice, sabotages and undermines them.

How? Language, for one.

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” -George Orwell (1903-1950)

He who controls the language controls the message. He who controls the message controls the game.

Who controls the language in these United States? The Left even among self-proclaimed conservatives in Big Media, who avoid offending paying advertisers by using accurate and specific terminology. Like The Left, they murder truth but in a different way.

Consider as examples the following terms maliciously employed by The Left but adopted by the enemy within ostensibly on The Right:

“African-American” not Negro — geographical not biological, accurate but imprecise;
“Asian-American” not Oriental — geographical not biological, accurate but imprecise;
“democracy” not democratic republic — the former a suicidal obscenity to the Founding Fathers, the latter their desired form of government;
“gay” not homosexual — emotion vs. behavior, a misuse compounded by perversion of a formerly delightful adjective made sordid;
“gender” not sex — grammatical not biological, i.e., masculine, feminine, neuter not male and female;
“healthcare” not medicine — a governmentally-concocted term absent from the dictionary in the 1970s designed to undermine the authority and prestige of physicians in order to gain power for politicians and bureaucrats;
international not foreign — inaccurate as follows: foreign adj.: situated outside a place or country vs. international adj.: affecting two or more nations –Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary;
masculine not feminine (actor not actress, aviator not aviatrix, executor not executrix, hero not heroine, host not hostess, server not waiter or waitress, etc.) — inaccurately combining sexes linguistically, thereby, creating confusion;
“…phobic” (e.g., “homophobic”or “Islamophobic”) not affrighted or repelled — a mental illness not a normal mental response to threat;
“physically challenged” not blind, crippled, deaf, or mute — accurate but imprecise;
plural not singular — incorrect grammar employing the plural for singular entities to avoid the dominant masculine singular;
“progressive” not radical — connoting new and better not markedly new and different;
“single mom” not slut or fallen woman — connoting something acceptable if not admirable vs. unacceptable if not contemptible while also confusing in that the former could be a divorceé or widow vs. a woman never married having given birth to an illegitimate offspring previously known as a “bastard”.

Terms of Address
In another linguistic realm, an early adoption by The Left of language as a weapon was the use of given names even with people essentially unknown to the speaker. Earlier generations would have recoiled at that level of familiarity as presumptuous and insulting.

Until recently, maintaining a minimal distance in speech as well as actions was the standard of interpersonal respect. So, why the change? Egalitarianism. Under the egalitarianism preached but not practiced by Communists, the State reduced everyone to the same social level by having everybody call each other “Comrade”. Calling someone in a superior position by his given name reduces the addressee to the same social level as the caller. The Right fell for the ploy of such faux friendliness like a fish for bait.

In the war against the tyranny of socialistic Fascism currently waged by The Left, American patriots never should forget the power of words. Words have consequences. Words can kill. The enemy within masquerading as defender of The Right is guilty of such linguistic homicide. Its members are killing any chance of resurrection of the Founding Fathers’ vision by lovers of liberty.

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” -Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873).

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