The policies and programs promoted by the Biden Administration vary from the merely unconstitutional to the overly insane. The seeming madness is alienating even some diehard Democrats. What are the controlling factors?

Every proposition is based on an assumption or set of assumptions. The assumptions herein are the following:

1) The masterminds behind Biden are not insane.
2) The masterminds behind Biden are not stupid.
3) The masterminds behind Biden are not ignorant.
4) The masterminds behind Biden are power-hungry ideologues promoting socialistic Fascism.
5) President Biden is a demented, corrupt, traitorous, professional politician become puppet.

The masterminds behind Biden intentionally are imposing seemingly insane policies that could drive traditional American patriots and others to violent rebellion. Paying illegal aliens almost a half-million dollars apiece after their invading our country is one example of the insanity.

Ironically, violent rebellion would delight Biden’s masterminds. It would provide them the excuse to have Biden declare a national emergency and impose martial law. Not rebelling merely would satisfy them by allowing their continued imposition of socialistic Fascism by decree, likely banking on rigging the next election in 2022 sufficiently to maintain power. Relying on the loyalty of the obsequious fops directing our military, they view the current context as an approach:approach conflict; as they see it, they win either way.

For American patriots, violent rebellion represents a different paradigm — an approach/avoidance:avoidance conflict. If they rebel and win, they win big; if they rebel and lose, they lose big. If they do nothing, they lose but lose less.

Accordingly, given the passive weakness of the emasculated American male versus the active strength of an obliging military, the paradigm appears to favor Biden’s masterminds. Should patriots, nevertheless, rebel, they best win or suffer brutal, ruthless retaliation. If you start a war, win it; Adolf Hitler and Hideki Tojo likely would agree.

Let us remember that this nation was born of violent rebellion against external authority. Without another against internal authority, it may die.

“I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thin and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” -Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Be rebellion successful, then? A return to the flawed system that led us into the current mayhem? No! As described in the novel, Retribution Fever, there is a better way — a scientific way based upon the original U.S. Constitution with its attendant Bill of Rights and upon promotion of traditional American ideals and values.

“Live free or die!” -traditional saying


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