Note (12DEC2022): The current issue of Barron’s, a periodical by the Murdock empire, displays 15 drawn figures. Nine appear to have black faces; 4 white; 2 Oriental. Negroes comprise 12.5% of the American population. In the picture, 60%. What percentage of subscribers to Barron’s are Negroes? Sixty percent? Thirty percent? Three percent? Negrification in America. Propaganda not performance. The top schools of law, for example, no longer will use the LSAT. Why? Negroes’ performance can’t measure up. No such problem with Asian Indians, Orientals, or Jews. As has the American military, will those schools lower their standards to accommodate their newly admitted sub-standard pupils? President Xi in China sits smiling like a crocodile.

“Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.” -attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)


Note (01NOV2022): This old commentator recently suffered the misfortune of encountering the New America. Travelling for a conference, he stayed at a supposedly four starred hotel. He hadn’t travelled in some time and felt shock at that which he witnessed.

To begin, upon arriving, guests needed to fetch their own carts for luggage, unload their own baggage, take the cart to the assigned room, then return it to the lobby. Upon departing, they reversed the procedure. In a supposedly service-economy, service has become self-service.

Maid service? Every three days upon request.

The room was freezing. The thermostat in the room offered the wrong directions and could not be reset without an engineer’s instructions.

At the restaurant, the food was prepared erratically. The service was affable ignorance with a smile.

So, what does this lament have to do with negrification in America? Beginning with “race-music” in the late 1940’s, evolving into rock-n-roll, now into “rap”, the musical products of Negroes has symbolized the devolution of these United States. Now, coupled with “equity” (i.e., equal outcomes) and with “social justice”, the nation is heading on a downward spiral ending in disaster.

Biologically, as a group Negroes cannot compete intellectually with Caucasians and Orientals; a fact that few Americans will admit publicly. To achieve equal outcomes, therefore, the performances of the latter must decrease to the level of the former — by force, if necessary. In general, it is.

No, devolution is not the consequence of the Negroes’ actions. Negroes are used as a stalking horse by powerful interests dedicated to the destruction of the remnants of the vision of our Founding Father, replacing it with tyrannical, socialistic Fascism. The deterioration in service at the hotel described is but one example of deterioration of the nation as a whole. Sad! Can it be reversed? Yes. Will it? Maybe.


Note (17OCT2022): Violent crime including robbery is increasing in these United States. Disproportionately, Negroes are the culprits. As time passes, minus governmental handouts direct and indirect, Negroes will fall further behind, and young Negroes especially will resort to violent crime, Is there a remedy? Yes.

Given their biologically determined intellect, most people are not suited for higher education. This fact pertains to Negroes especially. Alternative? Trade schools. If someone is unsuited to become an electrician, he can become an electrician’s assistant. Unsuited to become a plumber? A plumber’s assistant. A nurse? A nursing assistant. Eventually, some will work their way higher, thereby, serving as models for others.

Americans must stop pretending that there are no differences among the races and sub-races. Any society that denies reality dooms itself to a dismal destiny.


Note (10OCT2022): History Forgotten

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” -George Santayana (1863-1952)

Germany 1918-1933. The Weimar Republic. Context? Economically brutal. Politically explosive. Sociologically divisive. Sound familiar? Consequence? Adolf Hitler and his Nazis.

Among its goals, The Left hoped to have destroyed traditional, Germanic culture; replacing it, in part, with sub-Saharan artistic design and musical rhythm. Having done so would have marked a giant step toward full-blown Marxism. Ultimately, Germany was left in ruins. A lesson therein to be learned?


“In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell (1903-1950)

Two federal holidays now promote a forced favorable image of the American Negro. In 1983, then-President Reagan proclaimed the first in the name of Martin Luther King, Jr., a documented plagiarist and sexual predator — despite his near-deification, not the best model for young Negroes. At the time, many states and localities refused to recognize it. Then, in 2021 President Biden, formerly a documented “racist”* signed legislation creating a second such federal holiday known as “Juneteenth”, commemorating the announcement in Texas in 1865 of the emancipation of slaves.

*Excerpt from the novel, Retribution Fever: During the 1960s, a Negro from Barbados named Keith Baird (1923-2017) then residing in these United States of America began a campaign to erase the word “Negro” from applying to Negroes; thereby, substituting abstract sociological ideology for operational biological reality. He proposed the term, “African-American”, as a replacement, ignoring the fact that Caucasoid Americans originally from South Africa also would be “African-American” and that Arabs from Northern Africa are Caucasians.

“But if thought corrupts language, language also can corrupt thought.” -George Orwell

Language is the basis of communication. Our common language used to be English. Now, we have no common language. Given that we all no longer speak the same language, the consequence is misunderstanding and divisiveness.

One example occurs in public discourse. Use of the biologically correct term, Negro, is forbidden; yet, use of the term, Caucasian is permitted. A second is substitution of the geographical term, Asian, for the biological Oriental; whereas, Occidental is permitted. Not all Asians are Orientals. Asians from India and Pakistan are Indo-Caucasians. Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans are Orientals. A third is the accepting of the two terms, Englishman and Frenchman, but the banning of a third, Chinaman, even by some self-proclaimed “conservative” outlets.

Further corrupting our language is the use of the word, black. Some decades ago, Negroes felt insulted at being called “blacks”. They preferred to call themselves “coloreds” or “Negroes”. That situation began to change in the 1960’s. Recently, they began demanding the word begin with an upper case “B”; i.e., “Black” even as an adjective. Meanwhile, Euro-Caucasians generally remain whites with a lower case “w”. The implication is that “Blacks” are superior to “whites”. Amazingly, even the so-called conservative media went along with this linguistic travesty.

Whereas language is vital, ceremonies are important. So, two federal holidays promoting Negroes? None for any other race, sub-race, or type. Why? What have Negroes, who represent approximately 12.5% of the American population and of the world population, done worthy of even one national holiday, let alone two?

Compare their achievements for the nation and the rest of the world to achievements of, say, Jews, who represent approximately 1.5% of the American population and 0.2% of the world population.

Negrification involves not just problematic ceremonial holidays but unending propaganda. Today, all Americans are subjected to a continual, unending barrage of printed advertisements, televised commercials, and movies promoting Negroes to the point of even promoting their miscegenation with Euro-Caucasians. Compounding the propaganda is the Congress considering legislation to approve mixed-racial marriages.

Recent Example: In The Wall Street Journal (07/13/2022), an article about Renault, the French automotive maker, displayed a photograph of a worker in a Renault factory. A typical, French Euro-Caucasian? No. A Negro.

Recent Example: In professional golf, the Rocket PGA tournament (07/28-07/31/2022) featured a series of commercials too numerous to count. In total, Negroes appeared in almost all of them with sometimes only Negroes appearing; thereby, representing a majority of the actors appearing therein. Meanwhile, fewer than 10% of golfers in the PGA are Negroes and less than 3% of American golfers are Negroes. Clearly, Negroes are not the audience for these commercials, so their vast over-representation represents something other than sales? Propaganda aimed at Euro-Caucasians, perhaps?

The Left has used the Negro as a stalking horse to distract the populace from their ultimate goal. That goal? To have destroyed the nation as it had been envisioned by our Founding Fathers and to convert it into a socialistic, fascistic country controlled by a self-appointed elite. Leaders of The Left will control everyone and everything via a tyrannical, armed, administrative state. To date, they are fulfilling that goal. So, what to do and how to do it?

The Negrification goes beyond forced promotion to the general populace. It directly affects the lives of every American as individuals.

Example: Consistent with recent reports, in a major city, an elderly, white couple, one a physician, suffered the simultaneous onset of respiratory infections. Both tested positive for CoViD-19. They sought medical assistance at the nearest hospital. Both were told that they appeared ineligible for potentially life-saving treatment with monoclonal antibodies. Reason? Neither fit the officially approved protocol to place “Blacks” at the top of the list and “whites” at the bottom. Consequence? Potentially denying life-saving treatment to productive “whites” while giving preferential treatment to any unproductive, derelict Negro who wandered into the Emergency Department. Who was paying? Heavily taxed “whites” not fitting the racially preferential protocol.


Biology is basic. For Euro-Caucasians, the most dangerous aspect of promoting Negrification in America is the biological — miscegenation. Whom does miscegenation benefit? Not Euro-Caucasians, certainly not biologically.

Behavior follows biology; unlike a bird, flapping your forelimbs will not allow you to fly. Behavior has its consequences.

“And I will punish you according to the fruit of your doings saith the Lord.” -Jeremiah 21:14

The consequence of miscegenation will be an increase in IQ for American Negroes. Given that, genetically, Negroid characteristics tend to be dominant with nappy hair, dark skin, and peculiar physiognomy, offspring of such miscegenation will be Negro-looking mulattos. Few will be regarded as Euro-Caucasian. The average IQ of the American population will decrease significantly!

Contrary to the propaganda spewed by much of Big Media, there are profound differences among the races, sub-races, and types. Any medical or even dental (e.g., florid cemento-osseous dysplasia among Negroes) textbook confirms that assertion.

See Hilliard CB: “Genetic Blind Spots.” American Scientist 109:198-200 (2021).

According to the voluminous studies both biological and anthropological compiled by Richard Lynn, among those profound differences are intellectual differences. African Negroes, for example, have an average IQ of 80; i.e., half are morons. American “Negroes” (actually mulattos, a consequence of Euro-Caucasian/Negroid miscegenation) are at 90 — half are semi-morons. Conversely, Orientals from northeastern Asia have an average IQ of 105. Euro-Caucasians have an average IQ of 100 with northern types ranking higher than the southern. The highest? Ashkenazi Jews at 110. Negroes do excel in one area, however, rhythm.

That area of relative strength has provided the foundation for “rap”, a combination of repetitive, primitive rhythms combined with often violent and obscene lyrics. Compare “rap” to the songs by Harold Arlen, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, and Jerome Kern; all four Jews, for whom there exists no national holiday.

The two characteristics separating humans from all other animals are the following: 1) opposing thumb and forefinger and 2) intellect. Negroes possess the former. As a group, they are deficient in the latter. Accordingly, Negroes face a challenge that they have met most recently with crime, violent rioting, racial favoritism, and public relations. These tactics have proven somewhat successful although the Negroid familial structure has disintegrated. Eighty percent of Negroid births are out-of-wedlock. Consequence? A serious threat to law and order nationwide, especially in Negroid communities with Negroid mayors: thereby, further lowering the real status of Negroes in America.

President Abraham Lincoln emancipated the slaves two years after the War Between the States began. Why wait two years? Actually, Lincoln had no great affection for Negroes.

“I am not nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races; that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality; and in as much as they cannot so live, while they do remain together, there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” -Abraham Lincoln (18SEP1858)

An unfavorable image worthy of lamentation. Lincoln’s view of Negroes in the middle of the 19th-century lingers today for all Negroes everywhere. It continues to represent the view of a large percentage of the world today — silent or said, including among Negroes themselves evidenced by those who call each other “Nigger”. “The Negro is a complex, biological machine for converting alcohol and other drugs into urine and feces.” -Saying That cruel saying represents part of the real context in which Negroes operate. It is their challenge to overcome that context, biological and environmental, to the extent that they are capable.


Some years ago, a commentator applied the term, inductivism, to analyzing history. By inductivism, he meant applying the standards of the present to the past, a common fallacy today among The Left.

In the late 17th-century, Occidental Europeans found African Negroes to be stupid, ignorant, and backward. None had developed a written language. None had invented the wheel. Many were cannibals eating one another although the same can be said of American Indians.

Slavery had existed for thousands of years since the dawn of agriculture; earlier hunter-gatherers had no use for slaves. The African Negro, especially the Bantus, seemed to Europeans a half-step above an ape. Perfect for slavery.

Today, we project our values upon that past. No, Negroes are not a half-step above apes. They are truly Homo sapiens. They have sentience lacking in all forms of life except human. A relatively small minority, especially mulattos, are rather intelligent. Many are just plain, nice people. As a group, however, they cannot compete against the other two, main races intellectually. So, what to do?

Three Races?
“Do not give what is holy to dogs and do not throw pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn and tear you to pieces.” -Matthew 7:6

Some who falsely claim that there are no significant, biological differences among the three major races — either fools or liars — will tear to pieces anyone who states the racial truth. Contrary to current deceit, there are significant differences among the three, major races that comprise most of humanity; namely, Caucasian, Mongolian (Oriental), and Negro. Various sub-races (e.g., Euro-Caucasians) comprise each of the three, major races. Various types (e.g., Nordics) comprise each of the sub-races. Each of these categories carries with it its own genotypic and phenotypic characteristics.

All races differ from other species including our closest animal-cousins, chimpanzees. Among the various human characteristics, which mostly differentiate our species from all others? Firstly, an opposing thumb and forefinger allowing greater dexterity of our prehensile forelimbs. Secondly, a large, highly encephalized brain that can recognize its own existence. The human brain is the only piece of matter of which we know in the universe that can do so. One might say that through such brains the universe recognizes itself.

All races, sub-races, and types have the same opposing thumb and forefinger. Do all have the same brain — anatomically, physiologically, and neuro-chemically? A number of legitimate studies (1-3) strongly indicate that the answer is “No.” Even an amateur’s cursory glance at racially different societies supports that answer.

1) Jensen, AR: Educability And Group Differences. London: Methuen. (1973).
2) Herrnstein, RJ & Murray, C: The Bell Curve. New York: Free Press. (1994).
3) Rushton, JP & Jensen, AR: “Thirty Years Of Research On Race Differences In Cognitive Ability”. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law 11: 235-294 (2005).

The studies cited by Lynn indicate that, on average, Orientals and Jewish Semitic-Caucasians possess the highest intelligence (IQ differences being exponential not arithmetic, so that 110 is not 10% greater than average but closer to 100% greater). Other Caucasians come next. Then, Negroes with the lowest being African Pygmies at 50-60, bordering on imbeciles.

Be these studies as valid as they seem, the consequence of denying racial reality is costly in many ways to everyone. Ultimately, reality rules. The Occidental world, nevertheless, is denying reality not just racial (e.g., also sexual) and denying it with violent ferocity.

“Truth is not a defense,” solemnly pronounced the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

From such misguided ideology divorced from reality flows economic, political, and sociological tyranny. For some years, these United States have been descending into a dark pit of unreality. Does that denial of reality promote the interests of most Americans? No! Any society that denies reality dooms itself to a dismal destiny.

Two qualities characterize all living organisms — survival and reproduction. These two qualities depend upon control of territory and resources.

During the Jurassic Period, the survival-advantage for gigantic, long-necked dinosaurs as various species was large size; they did not need large brains. Their species in various forms survived for tens of millions of years.

During the current Holocene Epoch, the survival-advantage for humans has been large, encephalized brains. Survival has been a function of mental capacity not physical size or strength. Paradoxically, that mental capacity and successful survival with its over-reproduction is leading towards human self-destruction, thereby, confirming Fermi’s Paradox.

Meanwhile, those societies still prevail that are most intelligent and producing the most advanced technologies based upon science and reality not upon superstition and myth. Admittedly, their advancements reflect not only biology. They reflect environment, as well. Biology, however, accounts for 70% of the variance.


Colonization In Reverse
Until the mid-20th-century, Euro-Caucasians colonized Afro-Negroes; Afro-Negroes did not colonize Euro-Caucasians. Now, Caucasians are paving the way for their own colonization by Afro-Negroes and others, thereby, subverting their own existence.

How can we account for this reversal? What is the controlling factor? Satiation for the former colonizing and deprivation for the former colonized.

satiate vb.: to satisfy fully or to excess. -from Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

During the latter half of the 20th-century, most of the Occidental world operated in a context of relative satiation. In such a context, behavior tends to come under the strong control of otherwise weak, adventitious events. So it was with the West, destroying that which made it strong, patriarchy, in favor of that which makes it weak, matriarchy. It marked the beginning of the end for the formerly Christian, Euro-Caucasoid West.

In the history of mankind, there never has been a successful matriarchal society of importance. Yet, in the West beginning in 1920 with the 19th-Amendment entitling women to vote, American men have allowed hard-headed patriarchy to devolve into soft-hearted matriarchy. The reïnforcers? Social reïnforcement of radical, matriarchal disestablishmentarianism and punishment of traditional, patriarchal conservatism. The controlling agency? The socialistic, fascistic Left that gained control of Big Education and Big Media. Today, the affluent West is succumbing to an unarmed invasion by an impoverished, deprived horde from increasingly over-populated Africa as well as elsewhere.

Will the East succumb like the West? So far, no. Only 0.1 of 1.0% of people in China, for example, is foreign-born. In these United States? 14% and rising!

Even so, are not these United States a nation of immigrants? Yes. In the past, however, legal immigrants possessed a common, demographic bond. A population of Christian Euro-Caucasians. No longer.

What will be the consequence of allowing the difference? History tells us that the consequence of diversity with its inherent divisiveness will be decline and death of the West, which we now are witnessing.

The trend for the dwindling, dispossessed Euro-Caucasians has been unfavorable. These United States have devolved into a fragmenting, declining nation on fire marked by debt, defeat, depravity, increasing despair, and now despotism. A nation heading away from the liberty of individualism that characterized traditional, patriarchal, American ideals and values. A nation heading towards the tyranny of collectivism that characterizes matriarchal, socialistic Fascism.

For Negroes historically viewed unfavorably by other Americans, the trend has been more unfavorable in terms of social instability and vocational displacement. Witness the recent vocational displacement of Negroes in South Florida by the legal influx of Cuban refugees or the present displacement of American Negroes in the Midwest by the illegal influx of aliens invading from south of our now-open border, ironically many of them Negroes from Haiti.


Survival and reproduction. Throughout the eons, the two characteristics of all life; yet, today demeaned by many Occidental Euro-Caucasians much to their detriment.

Reverse colonization notwithstanding, the human species appears on the verge of a massive extinction if not from nuclear war then from plague. In the 14th-century, plague killed half the human population of Eurasia. Now, microbiologists tell us that another plague is waiting in the wings to strike soon again, only this time likely viral not bacterial. The carnage will be the consequence of human arrogance, avarice, and ignorance. Behavior has its consequences. Curiously, evidence already exists that different races may fare differently as a result of their biological contexts — their different genomes. Negroes in West Africa may fare better than even other Negroes in Africa.

Has the carnage already begun with the man-made CoViD-19 from a laboratory in China? Possibly. The likelihood has been that it would begin either in Africa with its increasing desertification and over-population or China with its desertification, filthy animal-husbandry, and pursuit of biological warfare. The trend of the current variants momentarily may seem benign but actually is potentially ominous. The increasing contagion with decreasing virulence offers no guarantee that its virulence will not mutate to become highly lethal. If so, for survivors, if any, what then? Economically, politically, sociologically, and biologically?

Excerpts from the call-to-action novel, Retribution Fever:

   As Americans were going about their business at home, in Africa scorching sunlight was beating upon a hot, dried land — land parched and dying from thirst as a consequence of human behavioral excess. Not long before, land that had been moist and thriving. No longer.

   An exploding human over-population consumed by self-induced need and commonplace greed had ravaged it in order to graze cattle and grow crops. Soil well suited to support dark, dense jungle was ill suited for ranches and farms.

   With the dense vegetation destroyed, the remaining soil could support only low scrub-land and sparse patches of pale-green grass. In such a context, grass to feed cattle and crops to feed humans require large amounts of expensive fertilizers unaffordable to the natives and copious amounts of water no longer existing — water that had evaporated from the soil when the jungle preserving it had disappeared.

   Since the end of colonial rule, agricultural production per person in the region had increased not at all despite advances elsewhere in productivity. Freedom from colonization brought freedom from progress and freedom from well-being. Economic collapse replaced economic growth. Tribal warfare with mass slaughter replaced tribal peace. Internally unrestrained, primitive disorder replaced externally enforced, civilized order.

   Early in the dying of the jungle, experts from Europe had warned the natives not to allow such devastation. Many heard. Few listened.

   As critical as conditions had become, an even more severe crisis had begun — desertification by name. Desertification directly caused a worldwide, mass extinction of life in the distant past. Indirectly, it was to cause another in a future nearby.

   The dry sand of desert already had engulfed much of an Africa ravaged by human avarice, incompetence, and indifference. It continued creeping southwards like a predatory monster towards newly-discovered, all-too-willing prey. Dry, lethal desert was swallowing the moist, living land; excreting lifeless sand as its waste.

   “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” -Galatians VI:7

   With massive destruction of the African jungle had come mass extermination of its non-human inhabitants — large and small, complex and simple. Among the human inhabitants, too few in the past had concerned themselves sufficiently to stem the violence against Nature. Their concern was to lie in the future once Nature had retaliated. Then, that newly found concern was to transform itself into a terror previously incomprehensible to the limited imaginations of those whom it was about to seize.

   No water? Thirst. No food? Hunger. No services? Sickness.

   One exceedingly tiny creature amid the devastation was surviving — a species of virus. Being a virus, it could be viewed only by means of the most powerful microscopes using the shortest wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy.

   “The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the virus.” -Joshua Lederberg, PhD (1925-2008)


For all races, plague with mass human extinction would change the equation for those surviving. Meanwhile, biological reality remains that which it is; at least for the foreseeable future, pending advances in genetic engineering. Given the range and depth of biologic and ethnic diversity in these United States since the passage of the Hart-Celler Act in 1965 (i.e., “family reünification”), what to do about the divisiveness inherent in diversity leading to decline and death of the nation as a super-power?

People, especially Euro-Caucasians, generally are attracted to their own kind. Given that fact even admitted by The Left, what’s the answer?

“Let each become all that he is capable of being.” -Motto

The nation was founded on a fundamental concept. Individualism not collectivism.

The Constitution of the United States provides for protection of the minority not for promotion of tyranny by the minority. Equality among citizens refers to equality under the law not equality of outcome. The consequence of Negroes’ defiantly demanding and receiving equality of or even preference in outcome to ameliorate their lament would be tyranny for all.

“For freedom and equality are sworn and everlasting enemies; and, when one prevails, the other dies.” -Will Durant (1885-1981)

The novel, Retribution Fever, provides a detailed blueprint based upon Biobehavioral Science including the Scientific Method for all society to meet the challenges emanating from who we are, as individuals and as a group. Nature is indifferent to opinions and ideologies. Nature cares about only survival and reproduction. As in the rest of Nature, some will succeed, some will fail. So it is with every demographic group albeit in differing proportions.

In the past, despite fierce anti-Semitism, American Jews prospered. They did not riot, setting their own neighborhoods ablaze. They did not demand that their opponents be censored and imprisoned for stating the truth but, on the contrary, demanded protection of free speech for all including American neo-Nazis. They did not file lawsuits to gain occupational advancement. They did not demand special favors. With some exceptions such as cinematic (e.g., Gentleman’s Agreement; 1947), they asked merely to be allowed to compete even in a context of overt bias.

More recently, Orientals and Asian Indians have followed paths to prosperity similar to that of Jews before them. They now disproportionately populate technological firms in “Silicon Valley”, for example. Nobody there mistakes them for Anglican Englishmen or Lutheran Germans.

Negroes have short memories and little gratitude. It was Jews who financed and guided the founding of the NAACP (1909), especially Julius Rosenwald (1862-1932), then-CEO of Sears Roebuck. The NAACP has erased critical Jewish contributions from its history. Instead of imitating Jews as their models, today many, if not most, Negroes have contempt, if not hatred, for Jews; among the most strident is the so-called Nation of Islam, composed only of Negroes.

As for every minority including Jews, the Negroes’ challenge is to overcome their laments by being that which they are — no more, which is impossible for anyone; no less, although less is that in which they have been engaging. Negroes, stop protesting. Stop demanding. Avoid mind-altering drugs and excess alcohol. Get education. Find honest work. Get married before having children. Behave lawfully. Shun demagogues who only reïnforce the unfavorable image many others already have of Negroes. Prove racial worth by objective example not by screaming “racism”. Help each other.

Water seeks its own level. Left alone, people do, too. Can we not allow everyone, including Negroes, to do so, or must we forcibly promote highly destructive Negrification in America?

The alternative? Policies and programs reflecting arrogant ignorance and abstract ideology divorced from reality. Superstition not Science. Such behavior eventually brings disastrous consequences, dooming a nation to a dismal destiny of despair.

Never forget! Reality always rules. For Euro-Caucasians and the West, it already is.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” -source unknown

American, Christian Euro-Caucasians have amassed a huge behavioral deficit in maintaining vigilance. Today, they are suffering the adverse consequences. Like behavioral excesses, behavioral deficits, too, have their adverse consequences. Today, we are witnessing those consequences. Witness, for example, our federal government titularly led by a demented, corrupt, traitorous, professional politician blatantly praising the displacement of American Euro-Caucasians. Does this misguided miscreant and his evil cabal populated by racial minorities represent whom we have become? Ask yourself, do they represent you? If so, you have damned yourself to a Hell on Earth.

“Every nation has the government for which it is fit.” -Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821)


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