(NEWS FLASH!): More than one year ago, the initial strain of SARS-CoV-2, the strain against which all vaccines have been developed, was detected in China. Last month, a second infectious strain was detected in Britain. Then, a third infectious strain was detected in South Africa. Both are more contagious than the initial strain. This past week, a fourth, infectious strain was detected in Japan amid travellers arriving from Brazil. How worrisome is this trend?

The initial strain likely was manmade in a viral laboratory in Wuhan; hence, the name, Wuhan-virus. Its development was financed by funds from the American government. The virus escaped the laboratory. The Chinese government intentionally allowed it to spread worldwide. How is the Chinese government being held accountable? It isn’t!

Some years ago, microbiologists predicted a mass, human extinction from a microbe causing “Disease X”. Could the rapidly mutating Wuhan-virus become that microbe? No one knows. Can scientists remain abreast of the mutations with continually new vaccines? Possibly but no one knows.

Whatever the case, the optimism voiced in Big Media is not information. It is advertising intended to quell the unease among the populace.

Are governments preparing for the possibility of “Disease X”? We don’t know but unlikely, the Chinese a possible exception. How can you as an individual prepare? You can’t unless hydroxychloroquine is as effective a treatment as many private physicians claim.

Whom can you trust? Big Government? No. Big Media? No. Big Tech? No. Big Pharma? You be the judge.

Whatever the course of this plague, one point is clear. We Americans need a new apolitical political party based upon the vision of our Founding Fathers; traditional American ideals and values; and incorporating Biobehavioral Science. The recent novel, Retribution Fever, presents a detailed blueprint for such a party.


“Hell is full of good intentions or desires.” -Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153)

The human species is engaged in a potentially suicidal war with itself. One side? Humility and knowledge leading towards wisdom. The other side? Arrogance and ignorance leading towards folly.

“The woman Folly is riotous; She is thoughtlessness and knoweth nothing.” -Proverbs 9:13

Who will win? The late-physicist, Enrico Fermi (1901-1954), believed the answer to be the latter. Professor Fermi calculated that the odds of there being super-intelligent life in our universe are remote. Why? Because the ultimate fate of increasing intelligence seems to be self-destruction long before super-intelligence can evolve.

Until recently, self-inflicted nuclear catastrophe seemed most likely the route to our destruction. No longer. Now, it seems to may be a virus; SARS-CoV-2 (Wuhan-virus), specifically.

virus n.: The smallest organism identified by use of electron microscopy. –Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

“The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the virus.” -Joshua Lederberg, PhD (1925-2008)

Likely fabricated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China as testified by a scientist from that laboratory, the Chinese without doubt released the virus to the world. It is a RNA-virus, a single strand of nucleic acids encased in a shell of protein.

RNA-viruses mutate rapidly, most mutations lethal to the virus itself. The Wuhan-virus is no exception. There are hundreds of variants, each a candidate for increased contagion and increased lethality via genetic learning. In a grotesque twisting of humanitarianism into an obscene weapon against all humanity, we Americans have been foremost in aiding that viral genetic learning among each new generation of the pathogen.

Without human intervention, initially the virus appeared to be causing a rather puny plague by historical standards. It was attacking mainly the enfeebled old, the constitutionally weak, and the immunologically suppressed; thereby, relieving the already sinking American economy of an onerous financial and social burden.

As the virus spread quickly through the population, it left most of the population unscathed and the economy sound. Then came the politicians appealing to the elderly, infirm, and their supporters; all voters. Boom! Their efforts slowed the spread but spiraled the economy into deplorable debt and paralyzed productivity to protect “the vulnerable”. Worse, they provided time and opportunity via mutation with genetic learning for the virus to adapt more effectively to the human body. The “humanitarians” were sacrificing the whole to benefit at great expense a small part of the population, especially the severely demented for whom death would have been a blessing.

The world now faces new variants of the Wuhan-virus that are more contagious than the initial variety. Will they be more resistant to the vaccines? Nobody knows. Will one variant confer resistance to another? Apparently not. Like the ill-fated vaccine against Dengue Fever, might a vaccine cause Antibody Developed Enhancement, making a variant of the illness more lethal? No one knows. In the name of humanitarianism, might we destroy our entire species? Possibly.

For some years, microbiologists have predicted the emergence of “Disease X” causing a mass extinction of the human species. Could the Wuhan-virus mutate into “Disease X”? Yes. Will it? No one knows. Given the self-defeating, politically-motivated programs to date, we are giving it every chance to do so, even allowing healthier and younger citizens to sicken and die from preventable and treatable maladies in order to provide medical care for the demented, enfeebled aged infected with the Wuhan-virus.

Given the incessant propaganda from an unreliable media, what will it take for the American public to recognize the risks? We may be administering a worthless or harmful vaccine to millions. Will that which seems so right but could be so wrong continue to overpower that which seems so wrong but could be so right?

Hopefully, the vaccines will be safe and effective against all variants of the Wuhan-virus; however, only time and the virus will tell. Accordingly, the government should tell the American public the truth, which it is not; then allow each adult to decide. Whatever the case, children and young adults should not be receiving any vaccine at this time.

The mission of medicine is to relieve suffering from disease and trauma not to perpetuate it. To perpetuate suffering with the potential consequence of mass human extinction is the stuff of which abstract theory divorced from reality and self-serving politics are made. To minimize suffering with the potential consequence of saving humanity while doing no harm is the stuff of which the art of medicine based upon science is made.

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” -Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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