Note (21FEB2022): Today is Presidents’ Day. With a few exceptions, the list is not one to be admired; least of all our current President — a senile, corrupt, treasonous, professional politician who seems to admire Justin Trudeau’s recent seizing of dictatorial power in Canada. In fact, as the puppet for the power-brokers of The Left guiding us towards Fascism, Biden’s actions may be a model for Trudeau.

How can such a trend be happening in both Canada and these United States? Ideology! Ideology divorced from reality has become the gospel for many Euro-Caucasians, who largely have decided to commit self-genocide. A recent symbol for their racial suicide was the half-time show at the so-called Super Bowl last week. Amid the male “rap” and the female gyrating, even the token “white guy” took “the knee”. (Disclaimer: No, this commentator watched neither the game nor the show but viewed the show afterwards.)

Meanwhile, China is ascending. Yes, it has its own pains, but they are the pains of evolving. Conversely, this fragmented nation on fire is descending. Our pains are the pains of devolving.

“Believing is seeing, but seeing is not believing.” -drawn from John 11

Who is to blame? Those who supported The Left actively or passively. Beginning in the 1960s, we have watched this nation plod the Path to Perdition. We refused to believe that which we saw. We still do albeit with growing but impotent exceptions. No, the Republican Party will not reroute us onto the Road to Resurrection, a detailed blueprint for which the novel, Retribution Fever, describes.

As described in that novel, there is a better way. You can pursue the present political solution and perish, or you can opt for a scientific solution and survive. Almost a million Americans have died from the current plague, which keeps evolving. It was predicted in the novel published more than a year before the release of Fauci’s Wuhan-virus onto the world. If we Americans somehow avoid nuclear war, once SARS-CoVid-2 has run its course, what then? A return to that which destroyed the vision of our Founding Fathers? As stated, there is a better way.


In 1937, then-Chancellor of Nazi-Germany, Adolf Hitler, called a secret meeting of the highest-ranking members of his regime. During that meeting, Hitler presented his view of a “new world order”.

No, Germany would not rule the world. It, however, would rule eastern Europe. Hitler did not believe that Britain ever would declare war against Germany over Poland. He was aghast when in 1939 France seduced Britain into doing so. Poof! There went the British Empire, never mind the French and Dutch.

In fact, Hitler viewed the British Empire as vital to maintaining international order. He admired France but did not view it as a leading power. After all, how many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris? Nobody knows; it’s never been done. Remember, Napoleon was not French; he was Corsican.

Japan would rule the western Pacific and southeastern Asia. Accordingly, in 1940 after war had begun, he formed a military pact with Japan. Italy under Mussolini joined although Mussolini viewed Hitler with contempt but believed Hitler’s winning ways would continue. He was wrong.

Hitler viewed these United States also with contempt but, nevertheless, as ruling the Western Hemisphere. He regarded this nation as a nation of mongrels that was to lose power and prestige over time as its heterogeneous population fragmented and fell upon itself.

Hitler’s world-view was not to be. His view of these United States?

Yes, Hitler lost the war. He lost it at Stalingrad in early 1943 long before the Allied invasion of Normandy. The war in Europe allegedly was fought to save Western civilization. Instead, it killed it, a death we now are witnessing.

The West was so horrified at the atrocities committed in the Nazis’ concentration-camps that its previous view and policies about race turned 180-degrees. Gradually, unfavorable bias based upon racial differences became socially unacceptable. Euro-Caucasians of the West informally agreed to commit cultural and racial suicide by surrendering gleefully their territory and resources to those who had little part in creating the science and technology of modern civilization. Hordes of unarmed invaders from the Middle East, the Asian sub-continent, and sub-Saharan Africa began occupying Western Europe and North America. With such diversity came sociological divisiveness and biological miscegenation.

In these United States before World War Two, miscegenation was illegal in the South and unacceptable in the North and West. After the war came an organized attack against recognition of racial differences — differences no matter how well founded.* Cinematic producers in Hollywood, for example, produced movies of pure inter-racial propaganda such as The House I Live In (1945) and Gentleman’s Agreement (1947). The underlying, invalid assumption was that all races and sub-races essentially are the same excepting some cosmetic differences such as color of skin and texture of hair. Today, that invalid assumption has metastasized well-beyond cinema to every aspect of American life via both custom and law.

*Lynn R: Race Differences In Intelligence. Arlington VA: Washington Summit Publishers (2015).

Accordingly, the question arises, How to direct diversity from its currently destructive consequences to constructive ones while reflecting reality? In the end, reality rules. Any nation that refuses to recognize reality dooms itself to a dismal destiny.

The answer is to return the U.S. Constitution to a form consonant with the vision of its Framers. The original document has been twisted and perverted by politicians and especially the U.S. Supreme Court into a travesty. The provocative, unique, five-starred novel, Retribution Fever, presents a comprehensive revision of the current travesty to include the guidelines of the Scientific Method and the principles of Biobehavioral Science; thereby, returning the document to a modernized version of the original allowing for diversity but resisting sabotage.

“Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence and deem them, like the ark of the covenant, too sacred to be touched.” -President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Without such revisions, this now-fragmenting, declining nation on fire will persist in plodding down the Path to Perdition paved by so-called Progressives. With such revisions, this nation can reroute itself onto the Road to Resurrection repaired by patriots.

Understandably, most Americans prefer evolution. When, however, the situation becomes dire with Fascism infecting the nation down to its roots, evolution represents national suicide.

“An error lurking in the roots of a system of thought does not become truth simply by being evolved.” -John Frederick Peifer (c.1960)

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