Censorship! It is abroad among American periodicals and web-postings. A censorship arbitrary, whimsical, and capricious.

Arbitrary, Whimsical, and Capricious

“Wherever they burn books they also, in the end, will burn human beings.” -Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)

Unsurprisingly, in these United States censorship by The Left is running amok; worse in Canada with actual burning by authorities of books deemed undesirable. Will Canadians be next?

More surprisingly, censorship also is running amok among the group of camouflaged enemies within The Right. This commentator is one who has been censored to the point not just of comments rejected or personal banishment from a website but of being made to disappear — “cancelled” as termed by The Left and practiced by the enemies within The Right, wolves in sheep clothing.

“Hypocrisy is the homage that vice pays to virtue.” -François de La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

One example of these enemies within is Mr. Murdock’s media-machine. Whereas it decries censorship, it is ruthless in its own censoring by “moderators” of postings that it claims violate “community standards”. Who are these “moderators”? Unidentified. What community do they represent? Unnamed. What are these “standards”? Anything that offends whom? Nazis? No, Nazis are not included; offend Nazis all you like. Mr. Murdock’s digital publications — Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, and Market Watch, — routinely censor comments based upon non-profane content that they arbitrarily, capriciously, and whimsically decide is not to their liking. Ironically, their censorship appears more severe than that of The New York Times.

Market Watch not only censored my comment, it travelled back a year to remove all my comments. What am I writing that so affrights them? The following by Market Watch was transmitted to me in an e-mail:

Your comment on AstraZeneca pauses coronavirus vaccine study after one illness has been rejected as it contains content that is in breach of our community guidelines.

What community? Advertisers afraid to lose a customer?

Posted by this commentator:

Vaccines have produced miracles for human health; but. like a stock or bond, they come with risk. A vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 is no exception. One-third of the American population feels anxiety elicited by that which appears to be a politically-driven vaccine. Researchers have harbored the same anxiety mixed with hope. The AstraZeneca news should come as no surprise. Excerpt from the following: Graham BS: “Rapid COVID-19 vaccine development.” Science: 368 (08May2020). Potential risks are associated with these vaccines. Antibodies that bind virus without neutralizing infectivity can cause disease through increased viral replication or formation of immune complexes that deposit in tissue and activate complement pathways associated with inflammation. T-helper 2 cell (TH2)–biased responses have also been associated with ineffective vaccines that lead to enhanced disease after subsequent infection. Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of viral replication has occurred in viruses with innate macrophage tropism. Virus-antibody immune complexes and TH2-biased responses can both occur in vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (VAERD).

Meanwhile, on Murdock’s Fox-News, the same group of talking heads routinely bemoan the censorship exercised by Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Hypocrisy personified!

The new-normal for all Big Media actually is the old-normal. Until the mid-19th century, printed periodicals were merely rags for propaganda. Then, The New York Times set a new standard and became the “newspaper of record”. No longer! Good-bye, factual journalism. Hello again, biased propaganda.

Race And Ethnicity

One glaring example of censorship of an entire class of speech is the issue of race and ethnicity. For many Americans today, false history of this nation revised upon fashionable but idiosyncratic ideology divorced from reality has replaced true history based upon documented facts married to reality. Anyone reminding others of reality quickly becomes labelled a “racist” or some other fashionable slur and subjected to vicious verbal rebuke, usually inane argument ad hominem; occasionally physical attack. The irony is that anyone denying that genetically-determined, biological differences exist among the races, sub-races, and types is either an ignorant fool or a blatant liar. Any textbook of medicine will prove him so. A nation that denies such reality dooms itself to a dismal destiny. These United States comprise such a nation.

While decrying censorship, many among those falsely calling themselves conservatives themselves practice censorship about racial differences. With the immense influx of non-Europeans as a consequence of the pernicious Hart-Celler Act of 1965 and the insane Biden-policy of open borders today, racial and ethnic matters have become a primary issue for the nation. Here, where truth is vital for rational policy, irrational censorship reigns fiercely and forcibly. Both The Left and The Right, for example, stifle commentary on the Internet by posting their own fanciful articles about race then censoring others’ factual comments about that which they have posted In doing so, those claiming to be on The Right actually support those on The Left.

Are there biological differences among the races? Yes, documented scientifically.*

*Hilliard CB: “Genetic Blind Spots”. American Scientist 109: 198-200 (July-August 2021)

Do these biological differences among the races include intellectual differences? Yes.** Studies both anthropological and biological indicate that African Negroes possess an average IQ of 80; whereas, Northeastern Orientals possess an average IQ of 105. Accordingly, Negroes face a difficult challenge. As a group, they cannot compete intellectually, especially against Orientals. Witness the student-body under merit-based admission at the campuses of the University of California; 60% Orientals, 5% Negroes.

**Lynn R: Race Differences In Intelligence. Arliington VA: Washington Summit Publishers (2015).

The intellectual disparity among races is a reality. The Left denies that reality in order to create mayhem that allows them to destroy the freedom-oriented dream of our Founding Fathers and replace it with a fascist-oriented nightmare.

Individually, there are many intelligent American Negroes capable of competing with most Caucasians and even with Jews and Orientals. Their aptitudes and achievements, however, are lost amidst the deceit spewed by The Left. Meanwhile, many on The Right collaborate by refusing to admit the truth. It’s not a matter of skin-color. It’s a matter of brain-power.

Are there ways to admit the truth while creating a racial and ethnic context fair and just? Yes, as explained in the novel, Retribution Fever, which provides a detailed blueprint for a context promoting each becoming all that he is capable of being.


The Current Plague

Another example of censorship by enemies within The Right is the current plague. Whereas censorship of macrobiological truth about race is a direct threat to liberty, censorship of microbiological truth about disease is a direct threat to life. While of less intensity than those on The Left, many on The Right suppress the dreadful truth about the current plague caused by SARS-CoV-2 and possible, if not likely, mutations. You will hear no mention, for example, of “Disease X”.

The microbiological truth is that the human species is engaged in a war with itself. On one side? Humility and knowledge leading towards vital wisdom. On the other? Arrogance and ignorance leading towards fatal folly.

“The woman Folly is riotous; She is thoughtlessness and knoweth nothing.” -Proverbs 9:13

Who will win? The late-physicist, Enrico Fermi (1901-1954), believed the answer to be the latter — folly. Recent reports of UFO’s notwithstanding, Professor Fermi calculated that the odds of there being super-intelligent life in our universe are remote. Why? Because the ultimate fate of increasing intelligence seems to be self-destruction long before super-intelligence can evolve.

Until recently, nuclear war seemed most likely the route to our self-destruction. No longer. Now, a virus.

“The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the virus.” -Joshua Lederberg, PhD (1925-2008)

For some years, microbiologists have predicted the emergence of “Disease X” causing a mass extinction of the human species. Could the Wuhan-virus mutate into “Disease X”? Yes. Will it? No one knows, but the current trend appears ominous according to the CEO of Pfizer, maker of one of the highly profitable vaccines. Is he merely biased?

The Left has used the current plague to support the unconstitutional seizing of power in its quest to promote Socialistic Fascism. Big Media on The Left have supported this destruction of the remnant of Democratic Republicanism that remains. Those falsely claiming to support The Right have opposed the seizure but have ignored or suppressed commentary about “Disease X”.

Don’t want to hear about ”Disease X”? The virus cares not one whit what you want or how you feel. Americans and the rest of the world need to hear the truth as far as we know it and to face reality in all its aspects pleasant and unpleasant. Ultimately, reality rules. By facing the truth about the plague instead of censoring it, we can plan rationally should worst come to worst. Yes, there might be some initial hysteria, but we shall habituate quickly and use the truth to do the right thing. Thus far, we largely have been doing the wrong things controlled by power-hungry politicians and self-serving bureaucrats.

Other Areas

Are there other areas besides the two examples cited where those falsely claiming to be on The Right censor the truth and, by doing so, become enemies within? Yes. What are some of them? As addressed in Retribution Fever, they include illegal immigration subjecting the nation to an unarmed invasion, matriarchy converting the population into gullible sheeple, and so-called humanitarianism sacrificing the whole to save a small often unworthy part.

As described in Retribution Fever, there is a better way — a scientific way. Embrace science and survive. Submit to politics and perish.


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