Nuclear war says, “Hello!” Humanity says, “Good-bye.”

Russia places its nuclear military on “High Alert”. Wonder why? Apparently, President Putin is not reässurred by the promises of our Ambassadress to the United Nations that NATO will not intervene militarily in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, a conflict that we ourselves instigated beginning a few years ago. Curious! We did guarantee Ukrainian sovereignty in the Budapest Agreement of 1994 in exchange for its returning all its nuclear weapons to Russia.

“The woman Folly is riotous; She is thoughtlessness and knoweth nothing.” -Proverbs 9:13

The incredibly foolish, ignorant, incompetent nitwits who are denizens of the U.S. government created the current, incipient, nuclear catastrophe by expanding NATO after the implosion of the erstwhile Soviet Union instead of dissolving it. The novel, Retribution Fever, details a more desirable alternative. Now, we pay the price of their arrogant incompetence.

Russian, nevertheless, does not need nuclear weapons to wreak an economic Armageddon. It has electronic weapons.

“For you cannot sarse the goose and not the gander.” -from Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

People talk of unstable financial markets. They ain’t seen nothin’, yet. The nitwits in the District of Corruption now are denying Russia access to SWIFT. Previously, it was in Russian interests to maintain SWIFT. In retaliation, it has become in Russian interests to destroy SWIFT electronically. Poof! There goes international trading; that is, until China establishes its own alternative with the yuan as the reserve currency if it can. Sauce for the gander.

Despite the current combat and future Armageddon economic or planetary, we best not forget the priorities that we have set for ourselves. Equity: equal outcome for unequal input. Humanitarianism: destroying the whole to better an often small, unworthy part. Social Justice: unequal application of law and custom in order to provide unjust benefit to groups deemed sociologically oppressed but, in reality, are simply biologically handicapped. No, not the Jews.

Our highest priority, however, is climatic change. Forget that the climate always has been changing; whereas, human activity adds a minuscule amount to the current change, a consequence of human hyper-sexuality creating too many people. The threat of nuclear war pales by comparison to that of human-induced climatic change.

As for war, ask those in the military-industrial complex. War is good. Peace is bad. War or threat thereof funds their producing efficient, formidable, and affordable weapons of war like the F-35, a majority of which fail to meet specifications and a substantial minority, at the least, is non-operational at a cost of $78-million apiece. Talk about bargains!

Finally, pay due homage to freedom and democracy although our nation was founded as democratic republic not a democracy. How? By risking the life of each of us Americans; of our country; and of every aerobic, terrestrial creature on Earth to defend democracy in a nation that has none and support freedom in a country that suppresses it. Yes, the same democratic, freedom-loving country that allied itself with Nazi-Germany during World War Two. Hey, we bought the hoax over safe and effective vaccines against the Wuhan-virus. Why not this one, too? Wag the dog!

Uh oh! Is that a bright flash of light that I see . . . actually, that I saw given that it just blinded me permanently, which for me . . . and you . . . isn’t that long, anyway?

Yes, rally ‘round the flag, boys … and girls. Wait! Which flag? The American or the Ukrainian?

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