Bad dying? Plague!

PART ONE: Background

For some years, biologists had been predicting an infectious disease, probably viral, would cause a mass human extinction. They called it “Disease X”. It was to come to pass, a nightmare come true known as Retribution Fever as depicted in the eponymous novel.

“The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the virus.” -Joshua Lederberg, PhD (1925-2008)

In a government-operated laboratory in Wuhan, China, microbiologists had drawn a virus from Nature. The Chinese government operates under the authoritarian control of the anti-American Chinese Communist/Fascist Party. Although seemingly paradoxical, the National Institutes of Health in these United States partially was financing their work despite awareness of the sub-standard level of precautions and continues to do so.

The Chinese scientists were manipulating the viral genetic code intentionally to make it a virulent pathogen in the extreme. The pretty euphemism for the ugly procedure is called “gain of function”. They succeeded. They fabricated a line of sub-microscopic monsters. Apparently, no one involved had read Mary Shelley’s classic novel, Frankenstein (1818).

Given the deficit in precautions, one early autumn some minute monsters escaped their confines to infect workers in the laboratory. These monsters were man-made, having by-passed normal evolution. The workers carried them outside to the surrounding city.

People in Wuhan began falling perilously ill. Some dying. The afflicted filled hospitals then cemeteries. An epidemic had begun.

The epidemic affrighted local politicians. Initially, they tried to conceal a frightening fact that could not be concealed.

Regional politicians soon learned of the growing black cloud of death. Their fright quickly spread to the national politicians, who tried minimizing to the public the severity of that which was to become a worldwide pandemic. They even claimed no human-to-human transmission, knowing it a lie. Under Chinese pressure, international medical authorities confirmed the deceit.

Infected people began travelling to and from the city. The national government banned domestic flights but not international ones. Curious, no? It issued strict measures harshly enforced for quarantines and against public gatherings. Meanwhile, it quietly began accumulating medical supplies from around the world.

“The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.” -Petronius (1st-century A.D.)

People worldwide believed the deceit. They wanted to believe it. Despite Chinese reässurances, the virus began appearing in country after country. The epidemic became a pandemic — a plague! Politicians everywhere tried deceiving the people by claiming minimal threat. Their deceit, too, soon failed as hospitals then cemeteries filled and medical supplies depleted. Panic filled the streets while toilet-paper vanished from shelves.

In developed “democracies” voters had allowed their elected politicians and non-elected bureaucrats enormous, autocratic powers. The consequence was whole populations became weak, passive, and dependent; exactly that which the politicians and bureaucrats wanted.

In these United States, Fascism had been brewing in the background in the name of “democratic socialism”. Power loves power. With power comes corruption. The virus became a catalyst to enrich the toxic brew.

“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” -Lord Acton (1834-1902)

Biologically, those young and healthy developed antibodies against the virus but did not fall clinically ill. The pathogen was felling mainly the old and the chronically ill, especially those with compromised immunological systems such as those afflicted by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Such people form a reservoir for pathogens to mutate into more virulent forms, especially a virus composed of single-stranded ribonucleic acids (RNA). The Wuhan-virus was a RNA-virus.

Specifically, the Wuhan-virus was one of the four types of coronaviruses — a beta-coronavirus, the type most virulent for humans. At the time, no safe and effective treatment existed for any coronavirus nor did any vaccine for prevention.

Politically, by law the younger young could not vote while by inclination the older young often chose not to vote. Not so with the old and their supporters, some of whom were organized unlike the young. The voting old frightened the politicians. Accordingly, the politicians almost universally in “democratic” countries elected to forfeit the financial futures of the young to ameliorate the political pressure from the old. Sacrifice the young. Save the old. A formula for future ruin. Inter-generational, financial warfare had begun, but the naïve young predictably failed to notice as they had failed to notice that the old were bankrupting the country even before the plague via Medicare.

Contrary to governmental propaganda, by keeping the old and chronically alive to suffer prior to dying, the medical establishment was providing the virus increased opportunity to mutate. Had it merely swept through the population, the young and healthy might have survived by quickly eradicating the virus themselves; whereas, the old and sick quickly would have succumbed before the virus could mutate. Such a policy was a horrific anathema to the self-appointed, self-righteous “humanitarians” who had turned the word into an obscenity, typically sacrificing the whole permanently to save a part, often an unworthy part, temporarily.


An Uncertain Experiment

Early during World War Two amid the Nazis’ Blitz pounding Britain, the saying there had been, “Keep calm and carry on.” Those years harbored a generation in the UK and the USA different from that of today. In these United States today, in response to the viral blitz the old and their supporters panicked. They howled for government to do something. Accordingly, government did do something — the wrong thing.

To begin, it issued speeches filled with misinformation. A narcissistic President bleated for two hours daily day after day, hoping to calm agitated voters while enjoying the spotlight himself. He was facing reëlection, which had been a near-certainty prior to the plague. For him, the plague was to prove a political nightmare as predicted by this commentator from the onset. Surrounding him at these boring, theatrical productions were other politicians and bureaucrats, most notably the self-serving Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Chief Medical Advisor to the President. He was an ill-advised and ironic choice given his previous support of the Chinese adventure for bad dying.

Almost immediately, a number of inexpensive treatments already available became touted, some having a documented scientific basis. Hydroxy-chloroquine. Vitamin D. Zinc. The clinical results were inconclusive. In contrast, one new, expensive pharmaceutical, remdesivir, was released with great fanfare; it proved of little value.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies new and old began a government-financed race to develop an apparently safe and effective vaccine. In amazingly short time, several succeeded … or did they?

Were any safe in the long run? No one knew. Were any effective in the long run? No one knew. Would any be effective against all variants of the original virus that arose via mutations? No one knew. The non-approved vaccines remained categorically experimental. These experimental vaccines of unknown safety and effectiveness, nevertheless, became available to billions around the world. What would be the inescapable consequences? No one knew.

Even in the short-run, recent reports now suggest that the vaccine may cause a sometimes fatal myocarditis, especially in young males. Experimental, indeed.

Some Americans, nevertheless, demanded administration of the experimental vaccine be mandated officially, an explicit violation of the principles listed by the court at the Nuremberg Trials of defeated Nazis in 1945. Mandatory acceptance enforced officially was rejected. Unofficially, it was initiated; for example, at colleges and universities throughout the nation. What about the risk of the vaccine to the young otherwise at negligible risk from the virus? Nary a peep from The Left.

To be continued …

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