Part One

Now are you listening, White Man?* Your country, the nation that your forebears or those like them founded, has declared war against you. Unlike Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, this war it is winning. You are losing.

*“White” refers to Euro-Caucasians with Nordics as the model. Jews are Semitic-Caucasians; they are not white. Asian Indians are Indo-Caucasians; they are not white. Different races and sub-races have different genomes.**
**Hilliard CB: “Genetic Blind Spots”. American Scientist 109: 198-200 (2021)

   “Okay. You’re bitter. You have cause.”
   “Bitter? You bet I am! We, the dispossessed, dwindling majority of Christian Euro-Caucasians, have allowed the scum of the planet to set fire to this wonderful nation . . . to destroy it in the name of ‘humanitarianism and social justice’. Our foolish, depleted majority caters to those who envy us . . . hate us . . . fornicate with our women . . . castrate our masculinity . . . and even murder us. We have become apathetic, passive, and dependent . . . unwilling to defend our territory, resources, wealth . . . and, yes, our biological heritage. We fools even celebrate our own biological and cultural demise.”
   “Harsh words for your own kind, Whitey.”
   “I should have sympathy for those of us who destroy their own country and themselves in the name of some impossible utopia the striving for which has brought us only debt, defeat, and depravity then celebrate their success in achieving their own suicidal victory . . . a victory of self-destruction?” -excerpt from the novel, Retribution Fever

How did this state of affairs come to pass? You — and those who directly preceded you — allowed it. You failed to fight. Now come the consequences of this colossal behavioral deficit. Now, you must suffer, and suffer you will unless ….

Consider that you are allowing matriarchy to replace patriarchy. In the history of mankind, there never has been a successful matriarchal society of importance. In a matriarchal context, emotion rules. In a patriarchal context, cognition can rule.

Consider that you are allowing an obscene version of maternal humanitarianism, whereby the nation sacrifices the whole to benefit a small often undeserving part, to replace paternal stoicism, whereby the nation might sacrifice a small part to save the whole.

In the name of “humanitarianism and social justice”, the self-anointed will continue trying to destroy the most humane and just system ever devised by mankind — individualistic capitalism and its companion, positive control, operating in a democratic republic based upon a written constitution protecting life, liberty, and property as well as the pursuit of happiness. Their alternative always had been collectivistic socialism and its companion, negative control, based upon a fluid, “living” constitution oppressing life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness while claiming to protect them. -excerpt from the novel, Retribution Fever

Consider that you are allowing the four cornerstones of American society — government, law, education, and medical delivery — to crumble. Constructed with sweat, toil, and blood, their destruction signals the destruction of society as you knew it and the destruction of that which you represent with it.

Part Two

Are you listening, White Man? You are allowing your own destruction with the loss of your territory, your resources, and even your biology.

Military Defeats
The destruction of American military might represents your destruction. The outrageous debacle in Afghanistan is the latest in a series of military disasters all the consequences of violations of the U.S. Constitution — no declarations of war. The series began in 1950 with the Korean Conflict, then the Iraqi Conflicts, then the Vietnamese Conflict, now the Afghani Conflict.

The Korean Conflict was the first time since the War of 1812 that these United States of America, laboring in Korea under the ignominious flag of the so-called United Nations, failed to win outright. Forty-thousand American men dead. Your forebears — or those like them — allowed it to happen.

The Vietnamese Conflict born of a lie matured into a humiliating debacle with these United States defeated by a fourth-rate military power. Fifty-thousand American men dead. Your forebears — or those like them — and, perhaps, you yourself allowed it to happen.

The Iraqi Conflicts won the war against Saddam Hussein but lost the peace. Consequence? Destabilizing the Middle East while providing the spoils of war to our enemies, the Chinese and Iranians.

The Afghani Conflict today snatched ultimate defeat of 125,000 American men and a few women from the jaws of initial victory twenty years before by 1,250 American men. How? Having dishonored history by not remembering it, the politicians of the Republican establishment led by Bush the Second together with their gang of neo-conservative advisors plotted and controlled short-term execution of the war then long-term execution of initial victory via democracy by force; turning allies among the warlords who had done the actual fighting against the Taliban into enemies fighting against us. You allowed it to happen.

Mass Migration

Current propaganda from The Left, often echoed by The Right notwithstanding, these United States comprise a nation founded by Christian Euro-Caucasians for Christian Euro-Caucasians; i.e., Whites. Today, it has become a nation founded by Whites for non-Whites from the world over. Who allowed it? You, White Man. You were warned. Did you listen? No!

In 1972, Wilmot Robertson published The Dispossessed Majority in which he described American Whites’ loss of territory and resources to non-Whites. Few Whites listened. The Left labelled Robertson a “Nazi” and threatened his life in the name of peace.

In 1973, Jean Raspail published The Camp Of The Saints in which he predicted the mass, unarmed invasion by non-Europeans into France with French authorities responding by doing nothing. Few Whites listened. As with Robertson, The Left labelled Raspail a “Nazi”.

In 2009, this commentator published the novel, Inescapable Consequences, in which he presented how Biobehavioral Science, currently employed successfully by the Chinese, could be applied to the four cornerstones of American society. As far back as 1973 while on the full-time medical faculty at UCLA, an associate and he published a clinical paper in a peer-reviewed, professional journal* today echoed by Chinese application on a societal level. Few Americans of any stripe listened.

*Mann, RA and Moss, GR: “The therapeutic use of a token economy to manage a young and assaultive inpatient population.” Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease 157: 1-9, 1973

In 2018 before the current plague, this same commentator published Retribution Fever in which he predicted the current plague and in detail applied Biobehavioral Science to the four, societal cornerstones. Of note, the model presented accommodates non-White, legal residents in a manner consistent with traditional American ideals and values. Again, few Americans of any stripe listened. Had the books been available in 2001 and had Americans listened, the current debacle in Afghanistan would not be happening nor the current civil unrest. Similarly, had the books been available in 1950 and had Americans listened, the debacles in Korea and Vietnam would not have happened either.


So it is, White Man. Are you listening?

Now what? Allow continuing collapse of this fragmenting, declining nation on fire? Reverse the trend? How? Employ the model presented in Retribution Fever?

How? Rebellion? How?

Mao Zedong (1893-1976) said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Violent rebellion as Mao had done?

Conversely, Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) said, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” Non-violent rebellion as Gandhi preached?

No rebellion? Acceptance and hope for the best?

Your future, White Man. and that of your nation. Current prognosis? Bleak unless . . . .


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