Who will win the economic race between these United States and China? Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets. Take your choice and your chance.
Betting on fundamentals? Pick China unless . . . . Why China? Homogenous population with a naturally higher level of intelligence. Comprehensive, cohesive, social fabric in the form of political — Communism. Paternalistic not maternalistic, social structure. Industrious, youth overcoming ageing population as a consequence of governmental policy.
Can Americans, whoever they now are, overcome fundamentals such as these? Possibly. Not if the Washingtonian establishment prevails, however.
Fortunately, President Xi clings to using Mao as his model in order to increase his personal power. Some time ago, this commentator warned him to choose Mussolini over Mao. Initially, he turned in the at direction. to the benefit of China. Now, he is reversing course to the benefit of Xi. Good for the USA despite Biden. Bad for China.
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