Note (28SEP2020): Addressing the United Nations, President Trump trumpeted, “the world must hold China accountable for their (sic) actions.” That statement is The What. The How? How will the world hold China accountable for its actions?

The current move in Congress is to allow Americans to sue China for damages from the Wuhan-virus. What else would you expect from a legislative body composed forty percent of lawyers? If allowed and even if the plaintiffs prevail and win judgements, what guarantee would there be that the Chinese would pay?

The threat? Boycott China. Fat chance! The world is so entangled economically with China that disentanglement would precipitate a worldwide depression if not actual warfare.

No, the plague at the hands of the Chinese has shown us Americans how weak we have become. All that we can we can do is to reverse our downward course on the Path to Perdition. Shall we? Maybe with Trump. With Biden?

Biobehavioral Science tells us that every discrimination carries with it an implied set of instructions. We may attend to it, or we may not — in driving, in foreign relations, and elsewhere.

“Harry, it’s a red light.”

In the context of driving a car, Harry has received a discrimination from his passenger. The traffic-signal ahead is red. The implied instruction? Depress the braking pedal, Harry.

In the context of foreign relations, consider the recent allegation by a respected, well-published, Chinese virologist from Hong Kong who had been investigation the Wuhan-virus even before the plague began. Based upon remnants of the splicing of the genome, her discrimination states that the Wuhan-virus was man-made in the laboratory in Wuhan, China and, even more damning, that the Chinese government unleashed it upon the world intentionally.

Previously, others had claimed that the Chinese release of the virus was intentional. Evidence? The Chinese government banned all domestic flights while allowing international ones. Goal? To have determined if China could withstand the pain from biological warfare then recover while the rest of the world, especially these United States of America collapsed. If so, they fulfilled their goal.

So, carried with that virologist’s discrimination is what set of instructions? No one has said. In fact, few in Big Media even have recognized her discrimination and, when they have, it was to censor or censure her allegation.

Given the magnitude of the consequences of inflicting SARS-CoV-2 upon the world, what response would be proportionate? Nuclear war? Conventional war? Economic boycott by the West? A formal complaint? Silence?

Given the state of our Union, our response probably will continue to be that which you are witnessing at the moment. Nothing. The dwindling, increasingly dispossessed Euro-Caucasians have become a largely weak, passive, and dependent lot in an increasingly matriarchal society. Boys fight. Girls talk. So, likely, we just shall talk among ourselves or with our so-called allies in the West.

“Don’t step on me!” warned the snake on the flag. No longer a warning issued with conviction by this nation. “Don’t hurt me” more accurately reflects the new America. Sad. Sad and frightening.

With the spread of nuclear weapons under the control of rogue-dictators and the emergence of deadly plagues every few years, we well might be facing then end of days for the human species. Such a lethal consequence to human mismanagement would fulfill the prediction made by Enrico Fermi as a feature of Fermi’s Paradox. The following is an excerpt from the recent (2018) novel, Retribution Fever:

Meanwhile, Biobehavioral Science tells us that humanity as a species does have a purpose and that our lives as individuals do have meaning beyond resisting evil temptations. Unfortunately, agents of ignorance and darkness continue to undermine that purpose and meaning even when those agents are not self-serving but well intentioned. They come in many forms including commercial, philosophical, political, religious, and even pseudo-scientific.

In the end, who will win? The agents of knowledge, light, and self-enhancement or the agents of ignorance, darkness, and self-destruction?

The late-physicist, Enrico Fermi (1901-1954), believed the answer to be the latter. He calculated that the odds of there being super-intelligent life in our universe are remote. Reason? Because the ultimate fate of increasing intelligence seems to be self-destruction long before super-intelligence can evolve.

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