Last week, The Wall Street Journal ran an article that recent graduates of law-schools are “swimming in debt”. How sad! The mere thought of their plight elicits pangs of agonizing sympathy for these legal hatchlings. No? You don’t favor lawyerism?


Lawyerism? What is lawyerism?

Lawyerism is a society by lawyers for lawyers. We have become such a society. Lawyerism is one of the primary factors destroying this fragmenting, declining nation on fire. Law-schools? Schools for scoundrels!

Lawyers! Merchants of misery.

These United States need the current number of law-schools as American citizens need cancers.

Consider the following:

1) This nation on fire is infested by 70% of lawyers in the world.

2) Lawyers comprise 50% of our U.S. Senate and 40% of our House of Representatives.

3) American industry wastes more on lawyers than it spends on industrial research.

4) Those who are profiting from the laws are making the laws.

There is a remedy for this insane scourge; for example —

From the novel, Retribution Fever:

No person shall be a member of Congress who has been a member of any Bar in any State, Territory, or possession of these United States or in any foreign nation within three years prior to the election.

Modifying the U.S. Constitution to include that provision would represent sound contingency-management. Yes, like government, lawyers are necessary in a civilized society although the State of Georgia at its inception barred them and, nevertheless, survived. Like government, their size and power should be minimal, governed ironically by the countervailing force of elected legislatures without lawyers.

So it should be. Will it? Will you make it so.

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