Note (09JAN2023): On 18JUL2022 in a posting on this website, this commentator posed a question to President Xi of China. The posting was entitled “CoViD-19: Chinese President Xi, Why?” It read as follows:

This commentator cannot believe that you intentionally would inflict the current unpopular economic and social hardship of severe lock-downs upon your own people in an ultimately fruitless attempt to control a wily virus. Might you have another reason? If so, what be it? Why?

Recently, Mr. Xi lifted all lock-downs. Consequence? Massive plague afflicting hundreds of millions of Chinamen within a few weeks. Moreover, the sudden appearance of new, even more highly contagious variants.

Could the answer to the above question lie in the cunning Mr. Xi having had a hidden agenda? If so, what could it have been?

China is burdened by a huge excess of non-productive old people as are these United States. Generally, who are those victims of CoViD-19 most likely to succumb to the illness? Old people. All along, could Mr. Xi have been planning to cull the Chinese herd of the old and chronically ill by maintaining severe lock-downs, thereby, obviating the Chinese population from developing immunity in a more measured fashion and not overwhelming the medical system so badly? The current procedure, depriving victims from any medical care, is killing old people in droves. Consequence? Economic relief for the nation once the current wave of deaths passes.

Meanwhile, here in these United States, our government is taking the opposite tack. Already having been bankrupted by Medicare before CoViD-19 arrived, it is printing more worthless dollars, in part, to meet the unending medical demands of the elderly; who wield tremendous political power at the balloting box, a power about which Mr. Xi need not worry. In addition, it was the massive number of Chinamen protesting the lock-downs who now got that which they themselves demanded. Off the hook. Was this series of events your plan, Mr. Xi? If so, brilliant albeit heartless.

“A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths are a statistic.” -Joseph Stalin (1878-1953)



Note (26DEC2022):

“I looked, and there before me was a pale horse!
Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.” -Revelation 6:8

The year 2022 closes on two, ominous notes. The first is the consequence of actions by the demented Biden under his cabal in association with our military-industrial complex bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war. The second is the lightly reported behavioral consequence of the evil Fauci in association with the Chinese military unleashing a potentially catastrophically lethal virus upon the world as described in the posting below. One might think that the second would be front-paged news. It isn’t. Why not?



“What man is he that liveth and shall not see death; that shall deliver his soul from the power of the grave?” -Psalms 89:49

Senescence. Dread. Disease. Disability. Death.

A macabre sequence that few navigate free of the suffering attendant to the inescapable consequences of conception. By age eighty-five, fifty percent of people suffer some from of dementia. A substantial majority no longer are freely mobile; they can walk without assistance or pain.

Old folk’s homes now re-labelled “assisted living” facilities. At their commonly worst, grotesque populated by disintegrating remnants of humanity sitting in a “day-room” staring blankly at the screen of a television with some strapped into a wheelchair mumbling to themselves and one or two shouting until a nurse comes by with a syringe filled with an anti-psychotic medication to numb that which remains of their withered minds. The air reeks of the stench of sulphur-containing gas of death produced by anaerobic bacteria infesting aged bodies, their immunological systems too weak to rid themselves of the invading vermin.


“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can exist only until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.” – Alexander Tyler (1747-1813)

Were that the total story it would be bad enough. Not so. The elderly in these United States already have eaten their grandchildren financially. This fragmenting, declining nation on fire suffers economically from more than $100-trillion in unfunded liabilities from Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security alone. The old have bankrupted the young via the balloting box. Pity the politician seeking reëlection who even whispers a hint of decreasing the economic burden that the old have placed upon the young — the young who never will reap the benefits from these so-called entitlements. Have not the old become a blight upon society?

Over the coming few years, the currently grim situation likely will become even more so by a quantal leap. CoVid-19! Scientists have documented that the Chinese release of the causal virus of potentially mass human extinction already is wreaking long-term, accelerated deterioration of the aging brain (Bernard J: “CoViD-19 and Loss of Brain Mass”. American Scientist 110: 6-7, 2022.).Worldwide, you can expect billions of victims of early-onset dementia, bankrupting the global economy.


So, what to do and how to do it? Canada has arrived at a solution. Euthanasia. Kill the old and chronically ill who burden society. Doing so already has raised ethical controversy that likely will be resolved by governmental directive. Meanwhile, euthanasia supposedly is voluntary. In the near future, involuntary?

In this commentator’s most recent, pre-plague book entitled Retribution Fever (2018), you will find a detailed, scientific solution that does not involve killing people; which no physician should do, anyway. The mission of medicine may be to relieve suffering from disease and trauma but not by murder. Besides, a physician is not necessary to end a patient’s life. Any thug can do it. Also, you will find a detailed, scientific solution removing the economic burden placed upon society by the old and chronically ill. The solutions are in keeping with Judeo-Christian dogma. In that semi-fictional novel, religion and science walk hand in hand as they can and should.

“Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.” -Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

The remedies therein for the current ruin are simple, scientific, and efficiently frugal; characteristics hated by politicians and bureaucrats. Do not expect the governmental miscreants to embrace them. Changes — real changes — can come only from you, the citizen. If not now, when? If not via the balloting box, how?

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