Note (30NOV2020): The ultimate censorship is to make you disappear. We were made to disappear.

Shortly after posting the not entirely flattering article below about China (“China: A Mass Murderer”), this  website disappeared. The Chinese?

Anomalous code lurked hidden from view. Removing it, however, didn’t restore the site. Weeks later, after reässembling the site, it returned in time for Thanksgiving.

For years, this commentator has been attacking the progressive censorship — censorship by The Left and by The Right and by foreign agencies. The most effective censorship is to make you disappear. The challenge for those who would do so? The desire to be heard.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” -attributed to Voltaire (1694-1778)

Note (19OCT2020): Whatever his faults, President Trump was not at fault for the Wuhan-virus (SARS-CoV-2). The Chinese were at fault for allowing its spread and probably for its fabrication.

The Chinese authorities were aware of its existence as early as 01OCT2019 but did report the epidemic until early December, allowing unimpeded, international travel to and from Wuhan. Now, economists Summers and Cutler estimate the cost to Americans will be $16-trillion, at least.

Yet, despite a small increase in public antipathy towards China, Americans appear to continue to blame the President as though a corrupt, demented, cowardly Joe Biden could have done better, If so, how?

In FEB2020 in a posting entitled “Trump’s Worst Nightmare” in Barron’s, this commentator warned of the horrific political consequences of the plague for Trump’s reëlection. That warning is proving true. He could have avoided his downfall. Instead, he allowed his behavior to come under the control of the advice of bureaucratic hacks like Fauci and Brix. Now, with every increase in cases and every new death therefrom comes an increase in Biden’s chances for victory.

Note (12OCT2020): Last week on Fox News, Dr. Li-Meng Yan reïterated her controversial claim that the Chinese government fabricated the Wuhan-virus (SARS-CoV-2) in the laboratory then intentionally caused or allowed its global spread. Reportedly, one consequence of her first appearance was the arrest of her mother in China.

BREAKING NEWS? Hardly. Nary a peep in Big Media, Fox excepted. Their silence testifies to the control the Chinese exert over an American population now weak, passive, and dependent including dependent upon China. Also, it testifies to the long-standing, myopic greed of the scum that sacrifices the welfare of the nation tomorrow for a few shekels today. Consider a President Clinton allowing two American companies to sell our most secret technology in rocketry to China, so that those companies and his political war-chest would profit short term.

Yes, they are scum but scum that floats atop a cesspool of corruption engendered by the system itself. Can we Americans remedy the rot and rid ourselves of such scum? Yes. How? Like the Chinese, by employing Biobehavioral Science. Shall we? Is there now the safe and effective vaccine against the Wuhan-virus promised for last September?

A continuing history of mass murder darkens recent Chinese history. Consider Mao Zedong (1893-1976), a mass murderer of the first order with sixty million corpses to bear silent witness. The dead represent the consequences of personal opinion reflecting arrogant ignorance and abstract theory divorced from reality —theory concocted by the Germanic Jew, Karl Marx. That Marx was Jewish has relevance in that Ashkenazi Jews and Northeastern Asians boast the highest levels of intelligence.* Here, we witness the evil that high intelligence can inflict when employed to fulfill malevolent goals.

*Lynn R: Race Differences In Intelligence. Arlington VA: Washington Summit Publishers (2015)

Substantial evidence indicts the Chinese for having fabricated the Wuhan-virus (SARS-CoV-2) in their laboratory in Wuhan from a natural beta-coronavirus, using genetic splicing. Stupifyingly, American bureaucrats assisted in the financing of developing the newly-minted, lethal virus.

Whether the Chinese released the virus intentionally is unclear. If fact, their doing so represented a plan to fulfill the goal of having determined the extent to which China could withstand a plague that would cripple the rest of the world. It can. We can’t.

Thus far, in addition to inflicting grievous harm politically, economically, and socially upon the rest of the world, the Wuhan-virus has attacked the President of these United States while seriously having wounded the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Had they done so with bombs or bullets, the Chinese would have unleashed immediate warfare. Instead, hardly a peep from the victims.

Retribution? How?

Nuclear war? Unthinkable.

Non-nuclear war? Does a fragmented, declining nation on fire like these United States harbor a population with the will to wage against China even a limited, non-nuclear war likely to be lost especially if the Chinese ally, Russia joins the fray? No, war of any kind is an unlikely response.

Economic boycott against China? Also, unlikely. The rest of the world, especially Western Europe, is too dependent and too manipulated by China to launch an economic boycott. The consequence would be economic disaster in the form of a worldwide depression.

So, where does this dismal context leave us Americans and our so-called allies? It leaves us with the recognition by the Chinese, if not by us, that we have become a weak, passive, dependent lot — a nation in terminal decline. The four, secular cornerstones of our society — government, law, education, and medical delivery have become corrupt.

Biobehavioral Science tells us that every discrimination carries with it an implied set of instructions. What are the instructions implicit in this discrimination?

The Who? Some charismatic character who will save us from ourselves? No.

The What? Some new set of laws and regulations heaped atop the millions already oppressing us? No.

The How? Employment of the principles of Biobehavioral Science as described in detail in the recent novel, Retribution Fever, in order to rid ourselves of the systemic rot? Yes. The Chinese are employing Biobehavioral Science successfully to fulfill their goals largely antithetical to traditional, American ideals and values. They are winning. We are losing.

Yet, we, too, can employ Behavioral Science to resurrect the vision of our Founding Fathers. Shall we? Given the current context, the odds are about as likely as the human species reversing course from its current path towards a mass self-extinction.

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