Another week in the farcical “official impeachment-inquiry” of President Trump by The Left. Thus far for the prosecution? Hearsay piled upon hearsay.

As stated in previous postings, to understand events in the present, observers must look to events in the past. The fundamentals found in historical context form the basis of the fundamentals in current context. Behavior is a function of context and consequences.

Amid the current context, adding to the stench of the legislative farce came the stench from two other events, both judicial. Firstly, the conviction of pro-Trumpian, Roger Stone. Secondly, the exoneration of anti-Trumpian, Andrew McCabe.

With regard to the first, Mr. Stone’s alleged crimes were largely procedural. So, who comprised the jury convicting Mr. Stone of these procedural crimes? Nine women and three men, consistent with the matriarchy into which these United States of America are evolving. Within that group, how many represent the anti-Trumpian governmental bureaucracy directly or indirectly — a bureaucracy continuously undermining President Trump? Most. One even is employed by the IRS, the agency that persecutes conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status.

With regard to the second, Mr. McCabe’s alleged crime may have been procedural, but it masked the substantive crime of treason. So, who comprised the Grand Jury that essentially exonerated Mr. McCabe, a documented liar under oath. We never shall know. Did these jurors also represent the anti-Trumpian, governmental bureaucracy? We never shall know. How strong a case did the so-called Department of Justice, which has been protecting a host of Obama-related miscreants, present? We never shall know.

What do we know about Stone’s case? He was a political operative with a long history of wheeling and dealing. The Judge in the case, Amy Berman Jackson, was appointed by Obama. Her husband is a governmental lawyer-bureaucrat. Is she biased against the defendant? Well, she massacred Paul Manafort; another pro-Trumpian, who will be spending his remaining years locked in prison also over largely procedural issues. She inflicted a gag-order not only on Stone but on his family, none of whom had been accused of any crime; a gag-order that will remain in effect for months even after Stone’s conviction. First Amendment? In the District of Corruption? Who there cares?

What do we know about McCabe’s case? He was the second-highest ranking member of the FBI, a documented perjurer who — along with his boss, James Comey, and others allegedly participated in a plot to overthrow the elected President of these United States, a substantive crime of gargantuan proportions compared to the alleged, procedural crimes of Mr. Manafort and Mr. Stone. Yet, McCabe, an accused traitor, walks out of court a free man; whereas, Mr. Stone also will spend his remaining years locked in a prison. Oh, what of Madam Clinton and her alleged traitorous acts of sedition? As is said in New York City, fuggedaboutit! Meanwhile, McCabe is suing to regain his fat governmental pension. What’s your bet?

So goes so-called justice in these United States. So reeks the stench from the District of Corruption.

This beautiful nation — yes, beautiful in spite of its warts; perhaps, paradoxically made even more beautiful by them — this now fragmenting, declining nation on fire is being crucified by some of the ugliest human ingrates crawling the face of the planet. What is to be done? Who is to do it? How? For some answers, see the call-to-action novel, Retribution Fever.

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