Note (15AUG2022): The plot thickens. Why did Presidents Biden and Xi spend hours on the telephone prior to Madam Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan? What possibly could they have been discussing for such a long period? Perhaps, evidence that Xi has concerning the Biden family’s reportedly treasonous activities in China?

Here in these United States, the Democrats find themselves in a weak position politically facing the congressional election this November. Similarly, in China Xi is in a weak position facing his self-aggrandizing power-play to achieve coronation for an unprecedented third term at the Politboro meeting also this November.

Could the two have been doing some bargaining? That such a question even should arise should frighten every patriotic American.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” -author in dispute


Currently, the greatest threat to these United States seems to be neither inflation nor illegal immigration but the “crisis” over Madam Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan — or is it? Could this “crisis” actually be a conspiracy between Presidents Xi and Biden, a consideration not prominent in the so-called news?

This past week, Tucker Carlson Tonight attributed Pelosi’s trip to representing an expression of her unbounded ego trying to leave her imprint on history — a non-observable, inferred mentalism. Supposedly, that which she did leave was those in the White House fuming. Fuming? Really? Pelosi and Biden’s puppeteers at odds? In contrast, one might ask, What are the specific and observable factors controlling the behaviors of those involved on both sides of the Pacific?

In China, President Xi has political enemies. He favors a failing Communism and Mao. Some of his opponents favor a wining Fascism and Mussolini.

With the upcoming meeting of the Politboro of the Chinese Communist Party this November, President Xi, seeking coronation into a third term unprecedented in modern times, cannot afford to look weak. So, what’s a dictator to do?

Should we pity poor Xi? He seems caught in the midst of a quandary — war or no war, but is he? Could this so-called crisis be a charade staged between him and the Biden cabal? After all, the treasonous Biden and others in his money-hungry family long have engaged in highly profitable dealings with agencies in China. They seem to be doing everything in their power to destroy the power of these United States while strengthening the power of China, economically and militarily.

Why the numerous telephonic calls between Biden and Xi? Until President Trump met personally with President Kim Jong-un of North Korea, personal diplomacy was the responsibility of the Department of State with good reason. Once opposing leaders have met, in a real crisis there exists no further avenue of appeal.

In 1961, Kennedy met once with Krushchev. Consequence? The Cuban Missile crisis.

“He just beat the hell out of me,” said Kennedy afterwards.

Trump met several times with Kim Jong-un. Consequence? A slight but only temporary reduction in mutual tension.

In these United States today, the Democrats face likely defeat in the upcoming congressional election coïncidentally also this November. How Fate plays strange tricks! In China, Xi faces improbable but possible defeat for his handling of CoViD-19-related lock-downs and the economy with the collapse of the market in real estate. Again, what to do?

Pelosi stages a trip to Taiwan, hoping to counter the Biden-family’s treasonous financial dealings in China and redirect Americans’ attention away from inflation and immigration. Conversely, her trip serves as an antecedent for Xi to look strong by staging an economic response and a possible military one, perhaps by invading Taiwan-controlled Quemoy and Matsu while posturing beforehand with military antics over Taiwan itself.

Crisis or conspiracy? To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Macbeth, could it be a tale told by evil, self-serving tyrants directed to gullible, indoctrinated audiences — a tale full of sound and fury, signifying malicious deceit? Only the actors know.


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