Fascism. The American destiny?

Big Government hand in hand with Big Business promoted by Big Entertainment with the young indoctrinated by Big Education. What’s not to like?

What’s not to like? The tyranny that is the bed-partner of Fascism. How did these United States arrive at such a low point? A fragmented, declining nation on fire.

How? By its citizenry allowing their nation to have devolved into a maternalistic matriarchy with cradle-to-grave dependence upon government . . . at a cost. There never has been a successful matriarchal society of importance.

That devolution began with ratification of the 19th-Amendment in 1920. Today women are usurping that which was created by men. Sixty percent of graduates from college now are women, for example. A majority of graduates from American medical schools are women. As for men, having been emasculated since kindergarten, many younger men have withdrawn to their parents’ basements play with themselves while watching pornography and to play video-games.

Paternalism that promotes individual liberty and individual responsibility or suffer the consequences has given way to maternalism that promotes individual subservience with individual dependence upon the collective. Meanwhile, China officially promotes masculinity while banning “sissy men” from the public media. China promotes the nuclear family composed of a man and a woman; whereas, these United States demote it in favor of “single moms” and homosexual “marriages”.

China! China has been winning. These United States have been losing — losing politically, economically, sociologically, and militarily. The current American context? Debt. Defeat. Depravity. Inescapable emotional consequences? Fear and Despair. Inescapable behavioral consequence? Tyranny.

The Matron of Matriarchy is a tyrannical taskmaster who brooks no dissent. She rules with an iron fist sheathed in a velvet glove. Cross her at your peril. Ask the folk languishing in jailed solitary confinement in the District of Corruption for having committed the misdemeanor of trespassing on the Capitol.

With the rise of matriarchy arises a question bathed in irony. What evil lurks behind the devolution? Do not believe for a moment that the evil comes in a feminine form. Without doubt, powerful and malevolent men are the masters choreographing this dance of death of that which was conceived as a democratic republic once upon a time.

So, Patriot, what to do and how to do it? Who will take the lead to resurrect the vision of our Founding Fathers? For a detailed answer through Biobehavioral Science — a science embraced by the Chinese government — see the novel, Retribution Fever. Alternative? Submit and obey.

“Where the people fear the government, you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people, you have liberty.” -John Basil Barnhill (1914).

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