Mansfield Frazier is a late-middle-aged Negro,* a radio-commentator, a social activist, and an ex-convict. Last December, we had the opportunity to chat on-air with Mr. Frazier about immigration.

Racial issues are “hot button” topics. Immigration is a “hot button” topic. Although Mr. Frazier and we may not agree on those issues, the interview went … well, tune in and judge for yourself.

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” -George Orwell (1903-1950)

*Excerpt from the novel, Retribution Fever:

“I’ll conclude, then, by informing you that the Admiral has been in communication with some of the top brass who previously resigned in protest . . . resigned voluntarily . . . or, as I did, resigned involuntarily after protesting. He received the same reception from each. To a man, they will not support our endeavor, nor will they oppose it. Once again, it will be the lower ranks . . . you . . . who carry the day . . . and you shall carry the day!
“In that regard, each of you has a different list of company-grade and field-grade officers . . . officers like yourselves . . . whom the Admiral has vetted carefully for recruitment. Need I say that discretion is paramount? Your assignment is to contact each of them to seal the deal. If any problems in doing so arise . . . any problems, at all, no matter how seemingly minor, notify the Admiral immediately. Understood?”
To a man, they answered, “Yes, Sir!”
“Colonel Washington.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“You’re a full-bird in this man’s Army.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“And you’re a black man.”
“Negative, Sir. I’m a Negro, or I’m a colored man. I am not a black man. No African Negro would call me black. If you called my grandfather black, he’d have punched you in the nose.”

[Optional Note: During the 1960s, a Negro from Barbados named Keith Baird (1923-2017) then residing in these United States of America began a campaign to erase the word “Negro” from applying to Negroes; thereby, substituting abstract sociological ideology for operational biological reality. He proposed the term, “African-American”, as a replacement, ignoring the fact that Caucasoid Americans originally from South Africa also would be “African-American” and that Arabs from Northern Africa are Caucasians.]

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