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Demographics. Diversity. China and these United States have embarked upon two, different demographic paths. China steadfastly remains homogeneous. The USA steadfastly becomes heterogeneous.

As a goal of his Administration, President Biden explicitly has made reducing American Euro-Caucasians to a clear-cut minority. He is fulfilling Obama’s desire. Fourteen percent of American citizenry today is foreign born largely of non-European heritage and increasing with illegal immigration. China? One-tenth of one percent! Yes, this nation is a land of immigrants but heretofore a land of immigrants more similar than dissimilar.

“Thou shalt not sow thy vineyard with two kinds of seed; lest the fullness of the seed which thou hast sown be forfeited together with the increase of the vineyard.” -Deuteronomy 22:9

China is following the admonition in the Hebraic Bible (Old Testament). The USA is rejecting it.

China is overtaking the USA as the largest economy in the world although currently China ranks a distant second. China, however, is struggling as a consequence of President Xi choosing Marx over Mussolini. Both nations have fallen into a pit of debt. China, however, enjoys exporting more than it imports, leaving a large surplus. The USA suffers from importing more than it exports, leaving a large deficit.

Militarily, China may be surpassing the USA. Most astounding, China like Russia has developed hypersonic missiles. The Chinese claim that one model has a speed of 15,000 mph. Despite lavishing billions of dollars on its so-called prime manufacturers, the USA, crippled by bureaucracy and diversity, remains years behind in development. In fact, the entire nation is crippled by civil mayhem, much of it in the name of diversity.


The current, American civil mayhem in the name of diversity did not happen by chance. The mayhem is the consequence of two major events both by government.

The first occurred in 1920 with the ratification of Amendment XIX whereby men bestowed upon women the entitlement to vote. The second occurred in 1965 with the passage of the Hart-Celler Act opening the floodgates to unbridled immigration by non-Europeans. Behavior has its consequences.

So, what to do? For patriotic white men, there is nowhere to hide. There is nowhere to run. Fight? Firstly, they have to find their testicles.

In 1965 before the legislation passed opening the floodgates to legal immigration via so-called Family Reunification, 85% of the American population was Euro-Caucasian. Today, barely 50%. California has become Mexifornia. How did this demographic revolution happen?

The Hart-Celler Act of 1965 proved to be one of the most important pieces of legislation of the 20th-century, directly leading to the “multi-culturalism” of the early 21st. The original legislation sponsored by two Democrats called for admission based upon skills. It fell victim to Rep. Michael Feighan (D-OH; 1905-1992), who called for admission based upon “family reünification”. Ironically, anti-immigrant Feighan wrongly believed that the consequence of the change would be to admit fewer immigrants who were not Euro-Caucasians. Instead, the consequence was admission of more — many more, neither Euro-Caucasoid nor skilled.

Both LBJ and Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy (1932-2009), the philandering, alcoholic younger brother of the late President, supported the change. Kennedy promised that the legislation would not change the complexion of the country. He lied.

Euro-Caucasians’ gleefully surrendering their territory and resources to other demographic classes represents a civil war but a surreptitious one. Today, that so-called Progressives consider it a “civil war” for traditionalists to be calling for a return to the American values of yesteryear is ironic.

Traditional values never can return with a diverse population operating in a maternalistic, matriarchal context. For patriarchy to return would require a revolution. Yet, for these United States to continue plodding down the current Path to Perdition represents a sure and certain arrival in Hell. As described in the novel, Retribution Fever, an alternative awaits. It offers the Route to Redemption. It’s yours for the taking.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” -Matthew 7:7

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